Burlington Northern Trespass tickets

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by redlodge, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. Yes what CLO said ^
  2. it was probably that old guy with the poodle last sunday wading xmas tree. i dunno how he got his walker over that cobble
  3. Some guy walking his dog down by the Wallace mouth came up and told me that a couple wannabe cop types with BNSF were threatening to send people to jail for crossing the tracks.I thought this was an isolated incident but since this thread is here I guess not. Apparently I've been a criminal virtually my entire fishing career.

  4. That's usually what starts it. "Apparently some dumbass"...........................

  5. That's a good question, wish I knew the answer. I do know that they real tight on safety and their dirt. Had to put a phone cable under tracks once, could not disturb dirt 20 feet ether side of tracks for 4 feet deep. Also had to encase the cable with in a steel pipe, and have a right of way pass. They sent an inspector to watch us too.
  6. Screw 'em. Blow the tracks.

    Does the NSA watch fly fishing boards?
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  7. I have the skills to help with that, but you want to find the bridges: take out the abutments, not just the tracks. We did it in mainland China in `69, not once but twice.
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  8. Shit, we'er screwed now.

    I hear strange clicking noises on my cell phone.
  9. That's just me Kerry. I'm trying to figure out a few of your secret fishing spots. I only send notes to the NSA guys a couple times a year.
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  10. The woman said you can walk under a trestle you just can't walk over nor on the tracks..nor on the pebbles the tracks are sitting on

    That being said she was nice and apologetic so a more aggressive one might still write you up for going under
  11. Careful, Evan.
    You might get old someday too - if you're lucky enough.

  12. What about a big running leap over the tracks? Does the railroad own the air? I THINK NOT.
  13. If you run from rr cops is it still felony eluding, like it would be running from real cops?
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  14. Great idea.
    Simms needs to come up with a pole vault.
  15. I got my new Simms Trespass waders only $700[​IMG]
  16. Is there a zipper?
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  17. So, how much are they confiscating on one of those "tickets"?

  18. The big ticket revenue for them sounds like it's coming from the hwy side of Reiter/Cable hole. If that access gets shut down, I fear what's going to happen on the select few access spots that are left. This is a huge bummer.
  19. I've heard (rumors) of being in the $1,000 range
  20. This may end up developing a new sport. " Spey rod pole vaulting".
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