Burlington Northern Trespass tickets

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  1. What a way to go :D

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  2. One has to wonder how long they can keep up the constant patrolling of miles of tracks?

    So here's the plan. Everyone show up at exactly 5:30 am. Doesn't matter where, in fact the more places the better. (And someone get Jesse!) Once you get a sizable group - rush the tracks at exactly 5:45 (as long as a train isn't coming) and scatter into the woods on the other side.

    In all seriousness, if they are going to keep the public from accessing public lands, then these lands become defacto private lands belonging to those that deny the access. I think they should pay property tax on these lands that they deny us - and pay heavily.
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  3. What areas are they patrolling? I am thinking the highway side of Reiter and backside of Wallace would be it. They have the most traffic.
  4. A private corporation with fed, state, and local LE jurisdiction? Now that's just F'd up!

    Oh, and did I mention, UP THE REVOLUTION!

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  5. Ed,

    Loss of access to public trust property more than sucks. The human population continues to grow at a reckless rate. The number of public lakes and rivers remains constant. The number of public trust lakes and rivers accessible to their rightful public owners diminishes as private interests attempt to control and prevent you and me from getting to that public property. This is a bigger f'n deal than simply making choices, taking chances, and accepting outcomes. It's a big enough deal that if we value our public interests, we should as the body politic be shaping the outcome to better fit our interest.

  6. This steelhead fishing is getting to be nothing but b.s. First you have to fight for the right to fish them & now there's a fight on the horizon just to get to the river. f--- it ,I'm going to take up stamp collecting & buy a ant farm for entertainment!
  7. I like how people have been crossing the tracks since they were there to fish these spots and its suddenly an issue right now.I've walked the tracks next to BNSF trucks with dudes and they never say anything but "hows fishing". I'd be willing to bet they won't keep this enforcement up for long.

    Does anyone know how much of the land along the sides of the tracks BNSF owns?

    Its also beyond me how people get hit by trains in the first place. It seems effective at thinning the tweaker herd though so I'm okay with that.
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  8. the reason people get hit by anything is they are not paying attention to the potential dangers. Trains sneak up on a person at a very fast rate & are very limited to what they can do for crash avoidance.
  9. The lady cop said the pebbles along the tracks are their property, and the parking lot I was in was also their property.
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  10. Hmmmmm....... I was ideally hoping that you could cross the tracks at a road crossing and walk off to the sides of the tracks without tresspassing but I don't know how viable that could be.

    That being said I'll probably keep crossing the tracks until something official comes of it. #speyfreedom
  11. yep, they are out and about, this is going to be a ongoing thing !
  12. Lovely. Anglers have been bitching for years about all the vehicle prowls and tweakers along the Skykomish. What happens? The county sends deputies up to assist BNSF enforcement in writing tresspass tickets to anglers.
    How many anglers' vehicles were broken into while all this railroad bullshit was being enforced?
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  13. I was told three last weekend.
  14. Maybe people instead should call the railroad and let them know they see people messing with trains and train tracks instead of car prowls. When the police show up, happen to mention that the same folks broke into your car.
  15. Excellent idea!! Trick the pigs into doing their actual jobs. I like it.
  16. Note to self number 56: Do not open any video posted by Evan V. while 2 year old and 7 year old are anywhere within ear shot!
  17. Fixed
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  18. I just read a facebook post of a guy that just got a railroad trespass ticket from Fish and Wildlife on the Skagit. Officer's apparently hiding in the bushes near the crossing. Be careful (is that the right term?) or plan for a ticket for access.

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