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  1. Bush Point on Widbey Island is supposed to have some good steelhead action from time to time. I have fished it several times without a touch. I also feel sort of stupid casting out into the sound alone. I am wondering if any of our forum has ever caught a fish there? Or even heard of a fish caught there?
    One good thing is that the water is always clear even when the rivers are full of mud and high water.:dunno
  2. It's on my target list for fly fishing as I've had some luck out at point no point. Kind of waiting for a full day off during the week so I contend with ferries. Be interested to see what people have to say. I think blackmouth are going to be open soon there.


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  3. what do i know, im just a stupid kid

    area 9 opened for blackmouth on the 1st. let us all know when you hook up with your first salty steelie. take lots of pics. also might want to try fort casey, ive heard it is a good fishery. saltwater steelies are known to run only a couple feet from shore so make sure you dont wade in and that you fish your cast all the way back to shore.

  4. I have not fished from shore at Bush Point, but have had limited luck from Fort Casey south to Admiralty Bay. It is not hard to tell if the fish are in, there is a good size croud around the tide change time.

  5. I believe that is area 9, and that's open year round for "trout".
  6. I haven't fished for steelhead at Bush in a few years but I have caught winter-run steelhead there. Here is what I found out:

    When the rivers are in spate, as they are now, during a flood tide is the best time to fish. When I heard the gear guys were using yellow, orange and pink hootchies, I tied up some flies in yellow, orange and pink marabou and long webby hackle combinations with a few flashabou strands for a tail on #2 Mustad 3407's with silver tinsel bodies and lead eyes. I cast an intermediate line quartered downtide and retrieved it slowly as close to the bottom as I could. The fish are following the beach and are not too far off. Don't wade deeper than midcalf. Casting long and far out is not as effecient as casting long and quartered off to the side. One thing for sure, the fish you catch are bright!


  7. Oh, one other thing. They are still a fish of a thousand casts in saltwater.

  8. I agree with Leland regarding Bush Point. You've still got to put in some time on the salt to figure it out and even after you do (or think you do!)...there can be 4-5 fish days where you feel you can do no wrong. These, however are often followed by 3 or 4 days with nothing but a bullhead or two. In order to have a good time, do the same as you would on rivers ...enjoy the the "fishing" and the "catching" will take care of itself.

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