Butt cap repair?

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by 4blade, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. Built my rod a year ago and went to use it and metal butt end with threaded up locking piece fell off end of rod.can I five min epoxy back on?do I need to try to remove old epoxy.?rod worked great till this mishap .any help apprec Thanx newbie builder
  2. Try to scrape off as much of the old epoxy as you can for a better bite with the new epoxy. Five min is what I use.
  3. I would get a pot of shallow water and bring it to a boil having enough water to cover the old epoxy making sure that you are not getting the insert wet if it is wood. After about a minute or so it will be soft enough to scrape out with ease. Make sure to clean the area with DNA to get any left over residue off. If you have a five min laying around then that will work.
  4. Also, score the inside of the metal.

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