Buzzard Lake?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Golden Trout, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Has anyone fished Buzzard Lake outside of Okanogan this season? I believe this lake is above 3300 feet and was changed to special regs for about 4 years. Poaching has been an issue.
  2. It did NOT fish well last year. I quit fishing it.

    Not sure poaching is an issue. The one fish limit gets the support of locals and while I fished it got heavy pressure and everybody was killing their one fish.

    It is a small lake and even at one fish your talking at probably 5-10 fish removed a that to the stocking level or 1000 fish.
  3. Vladimir: With the loss of some of our quality lakes, especially those above 3,000 ft, Buzzard was a needed addition. Do you still have some political strings that could be pulled to make this lake C&R? Or perhaps you could tell us what we need to do to make this happen.
  4. The people of the United States payed for my professional opinion. It is amazing how quickly they lost interest in my opinion when I retired from my position. The state agencies just followed suit.

    I think lakes like Buzzard build support for Selective Fisheries among locals. AND the Fish and Wildlife Department is sensitive to that issue.

    I would let it go and when you see gear fisherman fishing a selective fishery talk to them about more Selective Fishery lakes so they can catch and KILL larger fish. On a larger lake there will be plenty left over to maintain a good fishery.

    A selective fishery on a smaller lake is really dependent on how many fish are killed. And Buzzard being close to homes and people will be hard pressed to maintain a large fish population.
  5. I fished buzzard in the first week of May. It was real windy when I got there and only fished 4 hrs or so, not one bite for me. This seemed odd as I fished 3 other lakes with good to great results.
    I think buzzard get poaches a lot. There was a guy living in his trailer there for a good past of the spring and he had lots of friends stop by, locals I'm guessing. He seemed down on his luck. Did he kill fish every day to eat? Lots of people that fish Fish lake hit blue in the sin and keep their one trophy fish. I've seen this happen more than once. Blue may be able to take that kind of pressure but certainly not buzzard.
    I vote for making Green lake catch and release and take off the winter catch and kill regs. A lot better lake in my opion. Put buzzard back to a kill lake.

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