Buzzed on the Madison

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  1. While fishing the Madison a couple weeks ago, my wife and had two vintage airplanes come screaming overhead while we were at West Fork. They were in close formation and at about 200' as they came over Kirby Bridge heading upriver. They both then climbed steeply and rolled out from one another before taking up a cat and mouse chase around the skies. After losing sight of them for about 10 minutes, they came barreling back down river, wings rolling left and right answering our exuberant waives. One of the pictures my wife got had the AT-6's call sign and I was able to find out that it belongs to a guy living in Cameron, MT and flying out of Ennis airport. I'm not sure what the other plane was, but it was similar.

    Definitely not something one see's everyday and certainly not out wading the Madison. It was cool getting buzzed!
  2. Not that this compares, but it reminds me of last Summer. I was fishing a lake near JBLM. I see this plane coming in really low and slow. STEALTH BOMBER for the air show. They pass and turn sideways to show me the profile. It was going so slow i could have sent hand signals. They made another pass and game me a great wing turn and slowed down alot... then hit the throttle and rattled my teeth fillings. It made my day!
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  3. You both had incredible experiences.
  4. That's awesome. I still get a thrill like a kid when airplanes do stuff like that near me.
  5. I hate to be a bugger, but aren't these planes supposed to not cruise around below 1000'.

    On another note. I saw a cargo jet out of Moses Lake coming in so slow I thought that he was going to land on me. It gave me the willies. This was while I was heading down I-90.
  6. Nothing like the roar of four radial engines lifting a B-17 off the ground, in my opinion! My father was a B-17 instructor during the war, but he never took a flight in another one after that.
  7. Noisest I've ever experienced is when the Concorde landed at Boeing Field. It landed like a wet dishrag and when taking off was 1/4 mile away and still shaking my car. Everyone wanted to see it land but no one wanted to see it take off. I was parked right up against the fence. The engines spit fire for about 10 feet and it had a climb rate I'd never seen before.
  8. Sitting on the back ramp of the C5A in Osan Korea, legs dangling over the edge, watching a squadron of F4 Phantoms taking off in pairs, in rapid succession... now that is noisy.
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  9. Years ago I was back packing in the central Cascades and I’d just crested the climb from Waptus Lake up Escondido Ridge. I sat at the top of the Ridge, took a break and enjoyed the view North of Mt Daniels and Hinman. I could hear a faint noise and though must be the Waptus river far below. IT got a little louder and I thought it might be I90 in the distance but that was still quite a ways off. Suddenly it was like someone cranked the stereo knob full blast in my ear as the A6 Intruder from Whidbey Island came over the ridge at maybe 50’ off the ground. I jumped straight up in the air landing on my side. I think I screamed but I couldn’t hear anything so I’m not sure. He dropped over the other side and within seconds he was heading east over Waptus lake about 1000' below me. Amazing experience.

    Naval Aviators have the best jobs……..
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  11. you mericans have the coolest toys.......playing christina golf course a few years ago [north of republic and in canada]....if i remember, it was 2 f-18's on the deck headed north.....not slowly but not supersonic.......five minutes later and one lap around the lake at about 3-400 feet, back they come southbound......we sunburned the back of our throats......not sure you should trust us defending your northern border......
  12. When I used to fish the N/F Sauk you would hear those jets and they would scare the shit out of you. The first time I heard them I thought they were going to crash on me.They came right up the river valley. But after several time you got used to the noise. You keep thinking that they are learning how to fly low over the trees. Sure was noisy.
  13. In the mid-80's on a prairie dog shooting trip to Montana I was out by my lonesome on the prairie sneaking up on the next dog town. About that time I had a B1 bomber come by very low. Sorta startled me. Found out they had daily flights over that desolate prairie.
  14. You should try living on Whidbey!!! If you live near Coupeville, but outside of town there's definitely a flight path right over your head. I'm not $h!tt!ng. You can see the whites of the pilots eyes!!! Many is the times I've been walking my dog and I had to call him close and cover his ears while suffering the deafening noise myself.

    The governor visited recently to assess the issue. Of course the planes flew at much higher altitudes than usual. It's a joke. Everyone knows what's going on but no one in charge want's change. There's Youtube footage of little league kids doing the duck and cover and years of formal complaints. But the governor stops in and it's all about "Hey, that isn't so bad.?." Really? "F" them and their fuel budget (they need to burn a given amount of fuel each month to qualify their need!?!) There are take off and landing strips near north Oak Harbor and south Coupeville. You know where I am. Nothing is going to change. Ever. It's a game that outsiders can't participate in. (that's a period). (THAT'S ANOTHER)
  15. Wow, sorry to hear about the noise situation with Whidbey NAS, but seriously...

    "F" them and their fuel budget (they need to burn a given amount of fuel each month to qualify their need!?!)

    These men and women are doing their job defending this great nation. Yes, they do need to stay current and proficient...if you think the noise is bad, hard landings are worse. Military aircraft are noisy and if I didn't like lots of aircraft noise, I wouldn't choose to live near a very active military base -- one that's been there since 1942. Certainly if the pilots are purposely flying low to aggravate the local community, that's not right, but I'm doubting that's really going on because their altitudes are closely tracked in all phases of flight and readily examined.

    This has all the making of taking this thread off on a new "way-point" (sorry, ex USAF myself), but your comments were, IMO, a little rough on folks who put their lives on the line everyday for our country's freedom and freedom around the world.
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  16. In the mid-80's my tech and I were running across Sapelo Sound in Georgia in our 22ft Cobia, had a 200 hp outboard humming us along pretty good. We got buzzed by an A-10 a number of times that was clearly practicing strafing runs on us. We did a little juking and jiving with the boat just to add some fun.
  17. Freestone
    Cool photo and experience! Thanks for the great account.
    Regarding the comments above about Whidbey-

    I have not met 10incher, but living on Whidbey I have experienced small bites of this noise he describes. I, agree, it is barely compatible with a family or a community. I suspect his tone in the above response may have been from a sleepless night haha. j/k, but it is possible.

    My observation- Whidbey residents are very supportive of the pilots and the Base, but the noise does damage and it apparently is much different in 2013 that it was back in the 40's. Islanders wants Pilots proficient and well trained, but the noise down the center of the island is a problem and there is nothing even the highest ranking civilian can do to change it.

    10incher- come o. down to Langley!
  18. I grew up in Oak Harbor in the 60's and it wasn't much of a problem there. Very occasionally - like once or twice a year we would get "buzzed" as I recall. The runway at the south end of the island is a simulated carrier deck which is oriented north/south. This makes their approach down the island which probably puts Langley in the flight path. It's a tough one because carrier landings are something that needs to be practiced.
  19. Sorry for the anger. Of course I want pilots trained. But when I complain about the fuel budget there's a legitimate reason. I should have said "F" their fuel budget program." My above comment was inappropriate.

    On the last few days of months when they haven't used their fuel allotment, they fly incessantly all day. Often until after midnight. I'm told that if they DON'T use all of their fuel budget it may get reduced for the same month the following year. So the point of these flights isn't always training. It's posturing. If the program were different the base could simply qualify the fuel they need, dump less jet exhaust on the public, make a lot less noise and burn fewer tax dollars that are better spent elsewhere. Sorry for the inappropriate comments above. I have nothing against anyone trying to get their job done.
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  20. I love when I see the planes flying as you stated. Many times I have been up at our property and watched the Whidbey Island aircraft fly through the mountains following the river or hunting up in the hills of Snoqualmie and looking down into the cockpit as they fly by giving them a wave.

    I use to live near Spanaway and all the fly by's all times of the day, hearing them shooting day and night fire, booms that would rock the house, I loved it. Knowing they are training to allow me to enjoy life comes nothing to the noise. I love Chicago with the Air shows, both Chicago and Gary, loved being underway watching them.

    Wish that aircraft would have flown over when I fished the Madison, all I got was a heard of 20 elk come down to the river to drink only 20 yards away, 4 big old 6x7 bulls looking at me, thinking who the heck does this guy think he is fishing in our river, hope we had the whole river to ourselves but nope some damn fly fisherman to ruin my peace and quiet.

    July 5th I will be back in Washington living in Graham and hoping to hear the sounds of our great military training doing the best job they can do !


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