Buzzed on the Madison

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  1. Totally agree 10incher... never understood the spend it or loose it approach to government. I suspect it has to do with how they recycle the books and state and federal laws about accounting practice but, on the surface, it just seems kinda bassackwards. I mean, if they found a way to be a bit thrifty and not use the allocation provided, why can't they bank it in a "rainy day" type fund for those years where situations require some overrun.
  2. Had a similar experience skiing in Vail about 6 years ago...bluebird day as always and a buddy and I are on a 2 person lift on the outskirts of Blue Sky Basin and all of a sudden, out of nowhere come 2 fighter jets well below the peaks and almost parallel to my buddy and I on the lift. As soon as they were there, they were gone, shot straight up and outta there. Thinking they were a couple of guys from the bases in Colorado Springs having some fun on a nice spring day but all I could think of was the scene from Top Gun when the CO freaks out after the fly by during the first day of training at the flight academy. Was pretty cool to see and glad to see you got a pic...even cooler with the vintage planes.
  3. I thought it was cool too. The first hundred times... I really do wish to be supportive of the training ops. But there is A LOT of uninhabited area to fly over. Why buzz communities at 100' after midnight over and over again?!? They fly laps. If you live in the path and the planes are flying you know that you can't watch TV, make a phone call, have a normal conversation or even get some sleep until it's over. Believe me, the shine wears off.
  4. While Jeff and I were about half way up The Leaning Tower in Yosemite we got buzzed by a jet with the open cone nose, it looked like an old sabre. It flew tight over the top of the tower, totally in violation of the alt minimum in Yosemite Valley.

    While fishing Dry Falls Lake one day when I was the only one out there I saw a small military cargo jet drop over the falls wall and watched it approach the next cliff on the southeast corner where it pumped up the throttle and with an incredible roar lifted just over the cliff edge. Dude was hot doggin below radar!

    And, while fishing Douglas creek saw that same model of cargo plane roar down the canyon I was in no more than a couple hundred feet off the ground. Man, those things are badass... they've got some serious power.
  5. Most likely the C17 and it is indeed the sports car of cargo planes. I have also see them on DF and Lenore making low strafing runs. I have to believe some of the JBLM pilots also fish these waters and just want to give their fishing brethren a little more to talk about.
  6. Fishing on the Blackfeet Res back in the 80's, thought I heard thunder in the distance; turned to find where the storm was and there's a B-52 flying low and fast, maybe a mile away. Assuming it was on a training run out of Fairchild. Pretty impressive, especially considering we were about the same age.

  7. There's a WWII vintage aircraft group that flies from airport to airport to show the planes. They were at the Corvallis airport (such as it is) last weekend. It's possible the planes were part of that group.

    Speaking of the Stealth bomber... years ago on one rainy day, Virginia and I were driving the back road to Eugene. To our surprise, we witnessed something flying low to the ground, next to the hwy. It was black and flat on the bottom with a dome on the top... looking very much like a flying saucer. I finally figured out it was a Stealth.

    We heard later that the Air force was flying the Stealth in Oregon to see how it performed during rainy conditions.... evidently, we weren't the only ones who saw the aircraft.

    After viewing the thing from the side, I can see how people believed they saw a flying saucer when the government was first developing the craft and testing it around Area 51. I don't know how many are aware of this but Area 51 was where the Air force started working on the Stealth design after WWII. Nope, they weren't hiding alien spaceships at the facility but creating the Stealth aircraft... thus, the secrecy.
  8. "Buzzed on the Madison"... While going to Montana State in the latter 60's that's how we always fished it!
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  9. :)
  10. Growing up in Yelm was a lot of fun in the 70's-80's. It was almost a weekly occurrence to have A-10's flying just above the tree tops.

    Several times I would be fishing the Nysqually and have choppers fly bellow tree level over me on the river. Rotor wash at 20' is a lot of fun. The guys hanging out the sides always would throw us a thumbs up, I guess it was a lot of fun for them to see kids floating down the river.
  11. As an old ramp rat I miss the sound and feel of a jet engine. Years ago, many years ago I was on the east walker river one early fall morning when all of a sudden I see this F8 above me. Low enough i can see him give me a thumbs up, and then the roar of his engine hits me. Other then scaring the living shit out of me that was one of the coolest things I have ever seen.
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  12. Sometime about 1957 or 58 I looked up from our East Bremerton home to see a fly wing going overhead. I can't really remember but, I swear it was the older version with the props and not the jet engines. I was in awe. I was 9 or 10 years old at the time. It was the Northrup Grumman Flying Wing I guess.
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  13. In Ca. on lake Pardee (lake Pardee has a large military test zone) if you boat past the buoys the local base hovers an armed Black Hawk over your vessel and instruct you on how much time you have to leave before they fire upon you!!! I've seen it a couple of times. I'll bet they don't always give the warning with a straight face but they never let on that it's funny.
  14. I was riding in the backseat of a car with several buddies and we were heading down through the Nevada desert doing about 100mph when out of nowhere we were buzzed by a fighter jet. It scared the living shit out of all of us!
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