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    It's getting to be that time. Trout feed on midges all year here, but April is when the big hatches start and fish take notice. The midday hatch is the best, other hatches coming off in small spurts, the bugs getting smaller as evening draws near. I pulled up to one of my favorite sloughs around eleven yesterday. I rig up a #14 red midge, dropping a#10 black snowcone eighteen inches off the first fly. An indicator is then placed six feet above the bottom fly. Just as I finish rigging up I see swallows starting to swoop and dive above the water surface. Perfect timing. For the next hour or so the action was nonstop. I couldn't even pause long enough to light a smoke without the indicator diving under. The hatch petered out, and I had brought four bows and a brookie to hand. At least four good fish came unbuttoned, one a pig that would've easily went double digits if it hadn't bent the hook out(pictured). I soaked my bugs for another halfhour without a touch. I was just about to throw the towel in when I picked up my last and best fish of the day, a chunky twenty inch nate. I barely beat the rain back to my truck. Good thing as I was only in a t-shirt.
    I had tied up a black/red double dip snowcone that morning to try, and when it caught a fish on the first cast I was thinking,"alright, this might be the pattern." But the magic and swallows were gone by then. I switched back to the all black one to get the fifth bow.
    The mid action kicks off in April, peaks in June, and starts to taper off around the Fourth(though I've had some of my best days around the holiday). During the peak its not uncommon to get ten fish an hour, with the average bow around eighteen inches and two footers pretty norm. With those numbers you can see why I don't bother with dry falls and the floattube hatch. Hopefully I'll see some other flyfishers on the water this year(I mean you Ira). IMG_20130408_120232.jpg IMG_20130408_120452.jpg IMG_20130408_121538.jpg IMG_20130408_131520.jpg IMG_20130408_134755.jpg

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  2. Freestone

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    Awesome report, Triploid! Too bad E probably had to work. :( Funny, I had the same thought yesterday. Were it not for work, I would have hit a spot a couple dams/pools down where I hooked some big fish on sz 14 chironomids this winter.
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    I was thinking this was a good report, and then I noticed that you were fishing from shore and it became even better. Nice job.
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    great report! I will get over there on one of my trips to the cabin-probably the first week of April! Rick
  5. dflett68

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    awesome. love these reports.
  6. Irafly

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    If I could be there tomorrow I would! Next weekend my wife works, the weekend after that I'm taking my mom and older brother fishing (my mom is moving to the east coast at the beginning of May to enjoy the last year or two the doctors gave her on planet earth, by staying with her grandkids out there, not a fishing trip I'm going to miss), the weekend after that I'm M.C. for at a charity event for the Dr. Stanley Stamm Camp Guild through Seattle Children's, the weekend after that (May 4th) my wife works again, the weekend after that... Hmm maybe then or the weekend after that, so either mothers day weekend or how about the weekend of May 18th?

    Oh and great report and pics as usual!
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    Righteous Brotherman !!!!!
  8. Sageman

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    And miss the Mother's Day caddis hatch on the Yak?
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    Nice work TJ as always.
    Looks like possibly two different hooks on the first two chironomids pictures?
    Looks like a light wire hook bent out, 2487?
    Second hook looks like a heavy wire 2457 or equivalent.
  10. triploidjunkie

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    The bent one is a tiemco#10 2xshort, 2x strong. The other is a#8 diiachi. I like the diiachi better.
  11. Stonefish

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    Thanks for the info. Bummer that a 2X strong hook bends out...
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    Could you give me some spots to try over there very interested in giving it a try just know nothing of that area
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    Ira, very sorry to hear about your Mom. fishing is fun, but Family is forever.
    Prayers for you and your family. lost my mom several years ago. its hard thing, even now.
    God Bless.