Cabo San Lucas over Thanksgiving...

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Denny, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. I'm heading to sunny Cabo San Lucas during the Thanksgiving week; anyone else on this forum going to be there?

  2. I wish!!
  3. Was just there recently. Many dorado and a few billfish had some bad days.
  4. Head to East Cape for the day if you get tired of the BS in Cabo. Worth the drive and a beverage on the beach.
  5. I'll be there in my day dreams

  6. Richard,
    Have fun and give us a full report...
    on what you recall.
  7. Richard,

    I've been there in February to kitesurf at La Ventana, I bring my flyrod to catch little fish from the beach (and some 30" needle fish for fun) but I haven't tried for anything big. Let us know how you do.
  8. Bring your 10Wt if you have one. I caught a couple of nice Jacks from the beach by the hotel. You can also catch Ladyfish from the shore and if the Gods smile on you possibly a Rooster.
  9. Balmy Grand Island Nebraska here. Next week it warms up to 33 in the day time. I feel sorry for you.
  10. I've fished East Cape/La Paz area before, but earlier in the year. Yep, good fishing!
  11. Which 'hotel'? My first ever fly-caught roosterfish, the smallest roosterfish in the whole world, I caught off the beach on the Pacific Ocean side, on the FInisterra beach, back in the early 90's. I was casting a 12 weight, and the pez gallo was so small I didn't even know anything was on the line until he came flopping in to shore. Cute little guy!
  12. I'll be thinking of you, David! I'll down a margarita for you...
  13. With whom (boat/captain) did you fish?
  14. I always go out with Ramon Castro on the boat "Cheers."
  15. Thanks Denny but hey, out of sheer luck I dodged a bullet and now can't go. Seattle weather will feel warm in comparison, and with no adult supervision...
    Have a great trip.
  16. Same. :)

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