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  1. After fishing Cady for the last two years I have come to several conclusions about the fishery. The first is that we are damn lucky on the west side to have a fishery such as Cady. Secondly, if Larry (the proprietor of the B&B) did not pump as many dollars out of his own pocket into BUYING fish for the lake, it would not be half the fishery that it is.
    I am definately not well off (in fact I am once again a student with a family on a fixed income). However, whenever I fish Cady I think putting 5 to 10 bucks in the donation box is the least I can do to help out with the costs of maintaining the road. porta pot, and fish stocking efforts in the lake. Ten bucks is preety cheap compared to the $150 you'd pay for any other private lake in the state.

    I'm not going to spout out what he pays for fish and upkeep of the launch he leaves as public every year, but after talking to him, I know the cost far outweighs the donations. I'd be worried that without more contributions from the public users ofthe lake, we might not hav that special Westside fishery to rely on. Besides, where else can you go to catch 30-plus inch fish in a small lake for a minor fee in Western Wa. and have Wagner, Vivaldi, or Roger Whittaker playing in the background...boy, that is soothing on those days after too many brews!!

    Anyhow, Larry is pumping alot of his own bucks into the lake...we should encourage all anglers to donate something everytime they fish.
    Go Cougars!!
  2. I grew up fishing cady lake.I was a little nervous when Larry bought it.He is a special person who has given alot for the lake.When he first bought the lake he still let me go out in my old beaver pond boat and fish.Larry and his dog were always there when I came off the lake to say hi.It is a different fishery now and I only stop by to look around.I would definately encourage every body to not take it for granted because it could change if you do.

    I guess I should introduce myself.I am ltlcleo.I grew up out in the woods around Cady lk.I am realy new to fly fishing but have done some for searun cuttys and the fish that live in the beaver ponds that suround cady lk.I am slowly getting set up to tease steelys with a fly pole.I am looking forward to learning more about fooling fish with feathers instead of bent metal!
  3. we roofed misses cady's house on north shore a few years ago when I was a roofer, they have a creek that empties in there yard at the canal called cady creek with a phat chum run, my old boss was fishin buddies with mr. Cady before he pasted away, just felt like sharing this, tight lines, Ben
  4. ChucknDuck - Like the name. Been there, especially in E. WA. Barbless makes it easier to remove those hook from my hand, hat & clothes...

    Nice plug for Cady. I agee that we need to support Larry and his efforts on this lake. I always leave a few bucks. In addition, I pick up what little litter is around.

    I don't know if he still does it, but he used to hire a diver to help clean up the lake bottom - cans, bottles, etc.

    Had the opportunity to talk with Larry and a couple of other regulars for about 45 minutes last year, it was great.

    Support it or lose it! It might be nice to offer a maintenance day to Larry to see if there are other things we can do to help keep this quality fishery open.

    Who are the Cougs?
  5. Another option for the owner is to work with WDFW. Since he allows public access they may be willing to stock the lake. I know they have this arrangement on other privately owned lakes. Of course, not everyone believes that WDFW are the best stewards of our fisheries......but it's an option.
  6. Larry does work with WDFW. He likes to get bigger fish from another source, and they cost $'s.
  7. Chose the name after taking up steelheading...been a bunch of close calls with the big, wieghted bugs, but no connections...yet! Cougars of WSU.

    What type of craft are you usually in at Cady? I usually try to hit it a few times each spring. Last few years I've drug my blue tote n' flote up there and usually fish the deep hole in front ofthe launch with chrinomids in the AM...gets interesting.

    Anyhow, I posted this after talking to Larry last fall and asking him if the donations kept up withthe angler numbers. I was astounded to find out that the number of anglers is way. way higherthan the amount of donations he gets. Even if all the anglers just put a buck in the box it would be about four times the amount he gets on a yearl average. Even then, it would only come close to paying for about half of what he spends so we, the fishing public can have access through his private land and fish over triploids, steelhead, and kamloops trout he pays for out of his pocket. I figure that the few times I make it there every year for day trips are worth 10-bucks a piece. My wife and I try to stay there once a year for a night (about all we can afford) and I have been awed by the generosity Larry exhibits even after having many bad tasting incidents with the general public about lake access, use of the lake, and C&R rules. I wouldn't put up with it and keep pumping money into an endeavor that causes some of these problems.

    Larry DePaul is a gracious individual with a big heart. Its only be his doing that this unique fishery is available to us today. If we left it to WDFW we would have a few dink cutts and planter bows that would get snarfed up by the worm dunkers in a hurry. I'm sure many individuals just forget to donate a few bucks on thier way home. If you fish it next time just try to remember to put a dollar or two in the box on the way out! Its worth it to ensure that those big pigs will be in there in the numbers they are, even after taking a beating from the increasing otter population all winter.

    OK, I'm off the soapbox.

    Go Cougars!!
  8. I would like to do my contributing share could any one tell me where Cady Lake is?

    What-ever always means yes
  9. Oh, those Cougars.

    We have a place over on Mason Lake. So when I'm there I hit Cady, and other lakes / pond in the area. It's a little easier than making just a day trip from Seattle.

    I started fishing Cady with a float tube. I picked up an Xtreme (made in south Seattle) small pontoon that I use now. Its a packable pontoon and perfect for lakes like Cady.

    I agree with your general comments on Cady. Haven't stayed at the Manor, but always look forward to seeing Larry & Max.

    Cady is NW of Belfair, past the Tahuya Forest, on the way to Dewatto.
  10. Cady Lake is on the Olympic Penninsula just West of Belfair around the Tahuya River. You can locate it in a Washington Gazetteer. It's about a 2 hour drive from Seattle, or you can take either the Bremerton or Southworth ferries.

    I was out there a couple of weeks ago and landed one nice fish without a whole lot of fishing effort.

    Good Luck.

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