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  1. Never tried one. What ones are good? What ones are junk? Who loves theirs? Who tried and hated theirs? Who has one to loan to me for a trial? What gear testers have one deep in the gear closet? I want to try before I buy and appreciate any input from the WFF Collective. Thanks.
  2. i have two hennesy hammocks that i like alot. happy to let you try one. pm me for when and where to meet.
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  3. Was just in your neck of the woods off Palo Alto. I will shoot you a message soon thank you.
  4. Ed, if you haven't already, check out - lots of info there. There is a fairly steep learning curve with hammock camping and if one doesn't do it right, they are bound to hate it. However, I have no doubt that you will research it and master it in short order!

    For some good info on getting started with hammocks, check out Shug's multi-part videos:

    I have a bunch of hammocks, some with bug netting and tarps like my Hennesy Hammocks (one Asym UL and one Expedition) and others that are just plain hammocks like ENO. I've got some loaned out but you are welcome to try mine too. Maybe we should plan a hang (hammock jargon) for a weekend and try a bunch out!
  5. Absolutely want one with big netting and a rain fly. Freestone, I'd like to meet up sometime. With both our schedules that could be tough. The last week of July and first week of August are clear for some hanging. Thanks for the links. I will browse that forum and try to learn. Can't have a learning curve. May need to get one and be in the back oh try with it pretty quick.

    BTW, I'm not a tiny guy because I love beer and cheeseburgers. I'm getti g more fit but still go about 220.
  6. Ed, check out the Exped one too. I forgot about that one. I tried it for 10 mins at a show once and it was comfy and has a very unique design so that you lay nearly flat. As for the bug netting and tarp, you'll see many people use aftermarket products for this, not integrated ones. Some of the hammock campers are pretty hardcore - hammock camping in the snow, making all kinds of their own gear, etc. - probably what WFF sounds like to outsiders, LOL.

    As for schedule, we might be able to figure out something. If you come over right after you drop them at the airport, we might be able to get a night or two in up the Icicle before I take off. I'll have to work but you and Alex can fish and shoot during the day - and then have dinner waiting for me! :)

    I dug one of my hammock out today and it is so hot, I may just sleep in the back yard tonight!
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  7. Interesting, the timing could be good after all.
  8. Freestone, great link...thanks for sharing!

    Ed, I have a couple of ENO hammocks and use them all of the time. I'm 6'1" and 250lbs and have no issues hammocking. I use the ENO slap straps to attach to trees, my truck, or'd be suprised what you can hang from. I have a single and a double but prefer the double..especially in the winter to help the wind off and hold the heat in a just a little more. I have the rainfly to which works really well to keep you dry and it really holds in the warmth. I can use it all winter on the penisula with the rainfly or a tarp...I prefer the rainfly since it packs easier.The only way to hang out in the winter is with a thermarest or similar sleeping pad otherwise you freeze. The sleeping pad also helps a little with not "V'ing" in the hammock....the other thing that helps with that is to try to position yourself at an angle in the hammock. I haven't spent much time in mosquito land so I haven't used the net much...I've tested its functionality though and is seems pretty simple. Hammocking is the only way to fly too when you're in a hurry...I can unpack/set it up or take it down/stow it in 5 minutes...that's including the straps, the rainfly, the hammock, and my sleeping bag all in the same stuff sack...then back out the next night.

    The only drawing back is that you need something to tie off to that is spaced 10' or you might have to get creative in areas like the Deschutes or Methow where there aren't a lot of trees...or the OP where all of the trees are larger diameter than the slap straps.

    I've you're ever interested in test driving one let me know.

    Or just go get one...well worth the expense to loose the hassle of setting up and tearing down a tent.

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  9. Ordered one. A HH explorer deluxe with snake skins and whoopie slings. Worth trying! May need some PNW and OP caliber straps! Our trees are bigger and more prevalent than other areas.
  10. I will ad my .02

    I am 6'4 and 220. The only issue is having a good night of sleep. I appreciate the quality of the ENO double, its roomy and is made to last. It packs down very small and is a great tool for many occasions. I have set it up in a number of places. Its great for family/friend gatherings. Most people throughout the day/event will take a seat in the hammock and enjoy their time spent. Others will fall right on the ground either getting in or out.... its entertaining at least.:D
    In the beginning i was looking for ways to find the best sleeping angles etc. The way i toss and turn at night, and the bending of my body conforming to the hammock, it doesnt allow me a good nights sleep.
    EVERYTHING else about my hammock leads me and others to a great experience. I only use it 1-2 camping trips a year and no more than 1-2 nights of using it at a time, i survive and get over the lack of sleep pretty quick. However, I can doze off really quick in a hammock, its great for a nap.

  11. You should check out the Exped line -- I'm 6'2" 225 lbs. and have slept comfortably in them. Primarily because they have a built-in sleeve to hold a standard backpacking sleeping pad. They also let you sleep perpendicular to the hang-line of the hammock, letting you lay flat if you want -- which also makes it GREAT for sleeping on your side.With a pad and the positioning, it makes for a great 'hybrid' hammock bed with all the benefits of a flat sleeping pad bed and the comfort and freedom of a hammock.

  12. Sheesh!! Well, since I'm usually cooking anyway, why the hell not? I'll drag my ENO out of the closet and we can all head up the Icicle to give `em a try. Did have mine out once, but I didn't know how to sleep in it; you don't use it the way you'd think! Red beans & rice-you bring the beer?
  13. Red beans & rice-you bring the beer?[/quote]
    Deal! I'll even stop and see Dave and bring something to keep the mosquitos at bay!
  14. I've got one of those Thermacel units that seems to work pretty well if there's no wind. We've got a 14-foot square screen cover, too, 14X14.
  15. Is this hanging open to all?
  16. I'll have to pass on the hammock. I'd hate to have to explain how I got injured trying to go to bed . . .
  17. Holy Guacamole! That is a NICE set up. Unfortunately, I think I just added something to my 'must have' list. I've gotta try one of those out. I may be finished with tents..
  18. I'll check out the hammock site. But, a coupla quick questions that can probably be answered more easily here than hunting there..

    1) I sleep on my side. Is the Exped Ergo the recommended go to? That looks like an AWESOME system. A bit pricey but damn that's nice.
    2) What's recommended for 2 up sleeping? That could be fun too.

  19. I tried one of those vietnam era govenment surplus hammocks back in the eights while on a fishing trip to the Kalama. After one night I still have nightmares thinking about that device. I think they were used as a torture device before they came up with waterboarding....

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