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  1. Elevated experiment has arrived. Compact for sure, even with the extra large fly and snakeskin stuff sleeves. When to try it out?
  2. Ed

    You had plenty of daylight from your 6:22 pm post to have given a review by now.:D
  3. It is lighter than my solo tent. No time for an unpack, set up and nap...yet.
  4. I used a hammock to stay off the wet and cold ground in SE AK as a kid. Got what REI had available at the time.

    Now I have to hike about 30 feet from the shop
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  5. Lol I had one of those as well. Bet my uncle who gave it to me was laughing his ass off.

    Like the look of that exped hammock. Would like to see how long it takes to set up. Looks good on the video.
  6. Jerry, The Exped is pretty fast and easy to set up. Here are Parts 1 and 2 of the Hammock set up series. (Part 3 previously posted).

  7. Nice. Not bad at all
  8. If you got the money, I would recommend one of these... It's no really a hammock but it is way cool!!! I am working on convincing the wife that "I NEEED ONE" but so far it's a losing battle..
  9. Omg! Your wife ain't gonna let you spend that much. Lol
  10. James, how often do you need to use that to make it worth that much cash? Where you gonna find the perfectly spaced trio of trees? Aha mock and two trees is one thing, but three?
  11. He'll use army satellites to find the perfect spaced trees in every campground he plans to ever use. ;)
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  12. Just wait till the Koreans see this thing hung up in down town Yongsan... LOL

  13. Ha! I ended up face down once on the ground after trying to get into my Hennesy the first time. I like them for lots of reasons, though, even so. I keep mine nice and tight, which seems to prevent problems with both comfort and egress.
  14. Finally hanging. Lame, in the yard, but I've been dying to try it out. Comfy, feel sleepy!
  15. I'm sleeping in mine again tonight too Ed! When it is 87 degrees at bedtime, it sure is a lot cooler outside in a hammock than in a stuffy house. However last night the moon was so bright, I found myself wishing someone would turn it off so I could sleep, LOL!
  16. Moon is pretty bright tonight here. I have my tarp up, more to see how to hang it than out of need. May need to drop that corner to keep from getting moon burn!
  17. Unfortunately, I'm just sleeping in my ENO normal hammock, not my Hennesey. I didn't bring a tarp with me so I might have to rig a bandana as eye shades!

    I'll be curious to hear your report in the morning.
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  18. Nah, we used them to keep beer in before it went into the cooler; buy in bulk, it's less expensive!:D
  19. So, when are we hitting the "bat cave"?
  20. I have a Clark NX-250 4 season hammock system. The fabric is thick enough to be mosquito proof. The 6 huge pockets with full width velcro closures on the underside of the hammock are great for storing gear where it's easy to get to while in the hammock, the gear stays dry, the gear provides insulation from convection heat loss, and because the gear is hanging in pockets below me there's no lumpy surface to sleep on. The integrated double zipper bug net and breathable double zipper (cold or wet) weather shield that both totally enclose the hammock are suspended from lightweight pole hoops at the head and foot, or can be stowed. The ends of the 10x10 tarp can be velcro'd together in "cocoon mode" for extreme weather. There are 2 small internal pockets in the head end. One has a full width Velcro closure. There is a grab loop to help with positioning inside the hammock that can be used for securing a small stuff sack. The second bigger pocket is actually an integrated pistol holster. Clark has some simply outstanding designs for solo and double hammocks for 4 season to tropical use.

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