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  1. I have to be in Packwood this weekend to do a bid for affiliation of our archery club here with Trad. Bowhunters of WA, so this weekend's out for me. What about the weekend of the 10th-11th? I'd REALLY like to try one of those EXped combi things!
  2. Ed thanks for posting this. Totally hooked and super excited about trying out my new sleeping gear. Been working through my DIY gear for a couple of weeks now.

    Had no idea this option existed. Looking at how this gear packs down in comparison to a tent, its a no-brainer. On top of that flat ground isn't really a need.

    Looking forward to a new adventure and thanks again.
  3. Glad my needs helped you Jersey. I'm loving the sleep quality each night in my hammock. On the trail, front yard or back porch. Love it!
  4. Only drawback is, it's a bitch to find something to hang on above timberline when you're on a sheep hunt...:eek:
  5. It wouldn't work for me either as I do all my sheep hunting in a fenced pasture. ;)
  6. I do all my sheep hunting around Butte montana , plenty of trees for privacy & the sheep are well trained.

    On the serious side I wish I hade seen this post about three years ago before I spent my money on a tent trailer as this would have been a much cheaper investment
  7. I heard from Bitterroot that they all began to run at the sound of a zipper!!:D
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  8. Ever heard of button fly 501s ?
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  9. not for my fat ass!!!
  10. You can "go to ground" with a Clark as an oversized sized bivvy bag; best to use a ground sheet. It's got stake out loops for the sides near the ends. The head and foot hoods for the bug net and weathershield are rigged with guy lines over trekking poles or sticks along with the tarp instead of using the little pole hoops. But it's nowhere near as comfortable used as a ground bivvy. The Clark is quite a clever (cool :cool: but a bit spendy) shelter system.

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  11. I used the ENO hammock on the Oregon section of the PCT for almost 30 days and it worked great.
  12. Clark is having a 25% off sale... $100 off the NX-250 through the weekend... :eek:
  13. Check out

    I have the weight weenie micro ultralight hammock and it is fantastic. Way lighter than a lot of other offerings and made in Tennessee.

    Get yourself some of that patio door cling plastic that they use to seal against drafts... Duct tape some plastic grommets on the corners... Boom. Ultralight, cheap tarp cover.

    Use some cheap tulle from the fabric store to make a bug net.
  14. I will 2nd the ENO hammock. I hiked the Oregon section of the PCT last year around this time and used the hammock most of the way. Nice, lite, and it kept me off the ground.

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