Can you fly fish with hookless flies in closed waters?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by CLO, Feb 3, 2014.

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    You've got to admit that comparing the plight of flycasters denied hookless practice casting on closed waters is a bit of a stretch relative to Chief Joseph's tribulations.
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    Krusty, I would never try to match our tribulations with those of the Nez Perce, which would be a fool's bet. My point is that people have inclinations strong enough to be considered innate, but that are often unrecognized and supported by other people in power. Whether it's a D. C. beaurocracy dismissing Navaho's urge to use ceremonial peyote, or school Nazis in a tizzy over shouting and running around during recess, the list of failures to live and let live is endless.
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    Hey y'all, if you can't get to water to practice, tie yourself up a "grass leader". Very simple: I use 30# hi-vis maxima tie a loop at the butt section and then nail knot sections together every 6-8in till you've reached around 9'. Leave the tag ends until you've finished then go back and clip them to a 1/4in. Really provides stick on the ole lawn.

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    I guess I need a snow and ice leader for practicing in Spokane.
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    Just to let you know, the Fidalgo Fly Fishers ran a spey clinic on Young's Bar this past Saturday. We notified the Department of Fishing and Wildlife and they had no issues. We were all using yarn, or some similar variation.
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    It's navajo