Cannot access forum from my WiFi

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by R00k, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. Has anyone encountered a problem when trying to access this forum via Internet or Tapatalk app when on home wifi?? It was working fine up until day before yesterday, now it works on every network except my home wifi... Wtf????

    From what I've researched - it sounds like a validation issue on the WFF host server.

    Do we know or have a POC for this forum problem?

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  2. No problems on this end..

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  3. You might have a blocked IP. Happened to me the other day. Go to and then send Chris Scoones the number that you see there.
  4. No, DO NOT send to the mods. Send to Chris Scoones. We don't run the software. That's Chris' thing. We simply add Chris to the conversation so he can take over.
  5. Ah, good call.


    I'll edit my post to prevent future confusion.
  6. You can just change your IP and that will work. I have to do it from time to time when I get blocked.
  7. guys I have been unsuccessful in reaching Chris Scoones to get my IP unblocked. Does anyone know if he is still active on the forum? Is there anyone else I can contact??

  8. He owns the forum but hasbeen very busy at work. Did you try disconnecting and shutting off your modern then reconnecting and restarting it to change your IP?
  9. Yes I have.... I've tried powering it down, waiting for 1 minute, power up again but it keeps giving me the same ip.

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  10. Who is your internet provider? Can you get to Google via WiFi?
  11. Try resetting your router as well. Sometimes it's a firewall thing, and todays routers always think they are smarter than they really are.
  12. Yes, everything outside this website works just fine.

    My service is Comcast. I logged into my modem/router (it's all in 1 box) and tried to see how to release/renew IP but could not figure it out. I haven't called comcast but don't want to either...

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  13. Tried resetting the firewall just now... Still not working

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  14. I have the same problem. Haven't been able to access the site in a week on my home computer or wi-fi. I've tried a bunch of fixes, but nothing works. From what I've gathered from other post on this topic, the only solution is to send your ip to Chris.
  15. If anyone knows Chris - please ask him to login and help resurrect me!! I only have sloooow 2G phone service on my cell at home so I cannot view photos or any videos on here as it takes forever to DL. Thanks guys!

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  16. This has happened to me a couple of times and I also have comcast. Unplugging my router and restarting has worked both times.

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  17. If you can access your routers management counsel, there should be a menu allowing you to renew your IP address lease. Systems like Comcast change the IP addresses for their customers based on traffic and the coming and goings of their constituents. One thing to try is to leave your router unplugged for a longer period of time than the couple minutes usually employed. Maybe overnight. The system may then give your address to someone else and when you power up you will get another IP address. Another possibility is Comcast used to use proxy servers which store often visited sites so there is less back and forth traffic. These proxy servers did not reset for two, three or four days when I was in Redmond and once they reset your problem may go away.

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