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  1. I try to keep my hook in the matrial. It just seems to me like it would be the best of both a tail strike, as well as a head hit. This will be the first time I've fished this pattern with a stinger. I may just tye up a few with a longer loop and some with #1 hooks.
    By the way I like your pattern.
  2. The start of my season saw me go 1/14, using both a single hander and a switch. Once you get the strip set down, you'll start landing. Now that I've got the kinks out, strip setting on fish produces a very pronounced shock in the rod that is damn satisfying.

    One thing that I haven't seen mentioned yet is that the pinks have very mushy mouths. Most of the time I lose fish now I finish my stomp of disappointment with "I'm pretty sure I just ripped his face off." The pink I landed this AM was on the brink of having a severely split lip, and that's not the first one. Let em run if they want to run...
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  3. It's not about the hook being sharp going in to the vise; it's about it being sharp while you're using it. If you're beach fishing (and it sounds like you are), you're likely dinging the beach behind you from time to time. That will kill a hook in no time.

    The C71 hook is a nice hook, but really gotta like the Gamakatsu octopus hooks and the Owner Mosquito.
  4. This

  5. And this:

    Those mosquito hooks are pretty darn effective. Really sharp and very thin. Goes in the fish's mouth real easy and it seems to stay there..

    The wide gap barbless octopus hooks Stonefish mentioned are equally as good.....

    Tight lines

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  6. Ok so I've been thinking about the strip set and I have a few questions on just how this is to be done. lets say I'm stripping in line and I get a tug and by some miracle I don't react and lift my rod. Do I. 1) let the fish run then strip some line in, or 2) strip some line in on the tug or 3) wait a sec. Then strip in some line?
  7. Rip that line stripping hand back hard. Reach it back past your butt, or until it stops hard and goes the other direction. If you still feel that force on the other end get that long lever into full flex with side pressure.
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  8. Got it. I'm heading out to give it a try. At least I hope I'm able to give it a try. Got to find some fish first. I'll be heading out of Kingston.
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  9. I've only lost one fish this salmon season on my switch rod and I've been applying side pressure when setting the hook as well as during the fight instead of raising my rod tip high. Another nifty tactic I've employed this year is that if a fish is bucking or not moving I give it two or three good hard strips which sets them into a panic mode and they tear off away from me taking up any slack in the process.
  10. Ian, this is good information for me to think about. Now all I have to do is get my darn lights working on my boat trailer. I started out this morning only to find i had no tail lights. I wish I could remember the person who said I needed to get a boat to fish the Sound. I have had this darn boat for 5 months and have had it out 2 times and I don't even want to tell you how much money I've dropped in this puppy.

  11. Thanks for all the knowledge sharing! Time to get out and practice practice practice
  12. The past few days, I've landed over a dozen fish, and only lost a few. I've changed nothing about what I've been doing.
  13. You had a phone conversation with me. That's good karma.
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  14. One year I was loosing fish left and right. Maybe 10 in a row. Iwas on the verg of a sycotic break. I changed hook styles, brands went to wide gap hooks. Nothing seamed to work. One night I drank heavily and told myself just to just go back to doing what I originally had success using and I stsrted landing fish again. Moral of the story: sometimes we all go through a rough spell be hit happens but keep doing what has brought you success in the past and things eventually even out. Good luck with your down spell.

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  15. Patrick,
    Thanks for the advice. I will get good and drunk tonight and see what that does for me.
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  16. try wire on your stinger instead on monofilament
  17. Sharpened, offset hook points worked for me.
  18. Kelvin,
    I just started using Gudebrod Butt Leader 25lb test. It is stiffer then the Amnesia which I have used in the past. I plan on giving it a good try before I go to wire, but wire did cross my mind.

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  19. Looking back at my post I think I was a bit drunk when I wrote it!
  20. I went 0/4 on Saturday. I think I was hooking up more than any of the other guys on the beach though, so at least that made me feel a little better.

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