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  1. I have not been out since Tue. We have had out of town guests that don't leave tell tomorrow. I can't wait to get back from the airport and get back in the water. What area were you fishing in? We're you fishing for Pinks or Slivers?

  2. MA11 for pinks. Got one hit per fly, as i like to switch em up, pink clouser, pink marabou leech, purple/pink/silver flash fly, pink edge-brite comet. Floating line, long leader, jiggy action at a slow pace.
  3. I will look for a place to launch my boat. Thank you
  4. Since Wednesday, I'm 17 for 21. My average is vastly improving over the 16 straight lost that preceded that.
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  5. Goddamn it. I haven't even felt a tug since last tuesday (aside from one on a buzz bomb, fishing a spinning rod for the first time). Nothing in 4 other days on the beach. Ugh.
  6. Lots of nice coho hitting the beach this weekend at board member Dimebrite's first annual "salmon camp". :D
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  7. Well glad someone is doing better. It is sure not me.
  8. Inaugural Salmon Camp. No such thing as "first annual." ;)
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  9. Must have been the whiskey....
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  10. I saw some photos from other attendees. Looks like it was a pretty excellent time.
  11. Ok so strip setting is what everyone says to do. Well it just didn't seem like it would make that much of a differance so I did some research on the subject. Man were you guys right on. I never thought about how long it took to pull the larger diameter line through the water. Or how long it took to move from loading the rod tip to getting down to the back bone of the rod. It is at least 20msec. This does not even consider that the fush may be swimming right at you when you feel the first tug. The fish feels the sting of the hook and has time to react to it, before you really get him pinned real good. Got to keep going over and over in my head. Strip set Strip set. I have to think all of you for the help on this. Now I just need to feel that tug again.
  12. So I was doing pretty good at landing hookups. By default, rather than intention, I was doing a strip set because I would be stripping, and if there was resistance, I would strip the line again immediately and maybe again to see if it was a fish. By then, either I was hooked up, or I had felt the brief scraping of a bite where the hook came out. But then I cast into a school known to be there by a jumping fish, and anticipating a hookup, I responded to a bite with a rod raise. The fish zigged and then zagged and then popped off.
    Convinced me the strip set was the thing, and to be careful about my anticipation.
  13. If you feel a hit with no hook-up, keep stripping and don't stop.
    Especially with coho as we get into September, they can become extremely nippy. Stinger hooks will really help your hook-up rate.
    Some of your strikes will feel very light, almost like your fly ticked a piece of eel grass.
    I had a coho hit three times on Saturday before hooking up, but there were probably nine or ten strips total from the first hit to finally sealing the deal. The fish ended up eating right at the rod tip. Another good reason to strip till your leader hits your rod tip.
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  14. And right before that streak began, you chatted with me on the phone.
    Just sayin'.

    Freaking language police sighting.
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  15. Since that conversation, Ed, I've landed a few dozen, and only lost one. We should chat more often.
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  16. Looks workable as a stinger, might pick some up & give it a shot. Thanks for the heads up.


  17. I use owner mosquito hooks in size 4 and 6 as a stinger, I've only hooked 3 salmon but I haven't lost any so I'm good so far.
  18. Circle hooks sure do stick, I fished them on the Kenai for sockeye and I not only had almost no foul hooked fish (gear guys probably foul-hooked 25% of the time), but the fish that did get hooked in the mouth all stayed on. The problem with the circle hooks is hooking up in the first place. For a flossing fishery like the Kenai, they do a great job hooking fish from the outside of the mouth inwards. However, I'm not convinced that they stick well when fish are actually biting the fly, especially with coho that sometimes nip at the end of a clouser. There was a mention of the Mustad circle hooks in recent thread and several people mentioned that they didn't always hook up when fish bit the fly.

    Owner Mosquito are one of my favorites, the thin wire is razor sharp and they sure penetrate deeply. I also have used the Gamakatzu sickle hooks as trailers and they stick like no other, but I'm not sure they are available in sizes less than 1/0.
  19. Agreed on the Owners, stupid sharp & they stick fish. Anyone have a bigger ocean coHo bust up that lightweight wire they build them on?

  20. Ten80
    You are correct, they only go down to 1/0 on the Gamakatsu Big River hooks.
    It would be nice to see them come out with some size 1 and 2's in that style of hook.

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