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  1. I was using 12lb UG attached to my tapered leader. The issue was on the UG side of my surgeon's knot, which hasn't been a problem in the past. Either I had a casting knot or kink that missed the periodic inspection or it just degraded over a few days. FWIW, that knot had already caught a couple fish.

    I'm afraid my 2 year old is gonna start dropping the f-bomb with the turrets I've developed.
  2. I usually strip pretty quickly with long strips. I have no troubles when I get a solid take. In that case it's usually automatically set. I guess I'm referring more to the subtle takes and possibly short strikes I seem to be plagued with recently.
  3. You also have to take into account the fact that these new rods are designed to cast a fly line not set a hook. Think about how much a 400 grain line bends your rod. There are I believe 7000 grains in a lb. I don't know how many lbs it takes to set a hook in a 5 lb Sliver but it got to be at least a lb. that's a lot of bend in the rod tip before you get down into the butt where all the power is.
  4. The fish today picked up the fly made a big arc out of my line but the water drag seemed to keep tension in the line. It must of since the fish was lost by broken line and I could feel it pulling on my line hand. Had my line held, I'm positive it would have been on the bbq tonight. If you can just get some good positive tensile force into the line and maintain it, then the fish stays on (in my opinion).

    I'm beginning to wonder if the coho landed back on the leader after it's top water dance and broke it.

  5. I've caught every fish this year on either 8 or 10 pound Seagar and only had one break off which was on a knot that should have been redone three or four fish prior to breaking. :D If the fish are not leader shy 20 pound ultragreen is the way to go and you'll be able to wench in just about anything under 8lbs or so without fear of line failure.

    As far as strip sets go I'm all about side pressure and I totally Jimmy Houston the crap out of my hook sets like I wanna tear the face off the fish. I agree with the hard strip after the hook set because it gets the fishy to get motivated and run instead of bucking which introduces slack and that is the primary cause of a fish coming unbuttoned. I gave a hard post hook set strip to a chum and had more than enough fish based motivation to keep the line super tight even when the fish was about 200' away from me.
  6. Crazy thick leader! I use 20 pound ultra green for my trailer hooks on my clousers! Generally 10# ultra green for leader, which I run off of an intermediate poly leader on an ambush.
  7. Dang! Instant replay. Same for me except I was using 12lb Rio Fluoroflex below my 6' tapered salmon leader. Nail Knot Splice with a dash of UV Knot Sense. Broke off about 1/2" below the knot. I use the Fluoroflex more for stiffness and abrasion resistance than for stealth.

  8. Nah, works great and there is no reason to go light. I never have to re-tie because of wind knots, I figure 50% strength reduction is acceptable. Only drawback might be a slower sink rate than thinner mono or same strength fluoro.
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  9. I wanted to have something to post today, so I promptly lost another this morning. Soft take (matching the slow retrieve), stripped about 5 more times then saw the dorsel fin. It was just following the retrieve in. But then the jig was up. Couple head shakes and see ya. Gear held, I was just given a good old fashion coho education.
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  10. Yesterday morning had a problem with some eel grass. As I stripped about every 5 or so casts I would catch on some. I was stripping fairly fast and caught on what I thought was eel grass. I stripped hard to pull my fly loose and he came to the surface I never got him under control slack line one more bowel and gone. Only tug in 5 trips out.
  11. After a decent fight, well, let's just say I will be running 20lb UG.
  12. Bump for an informative read.
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  13. Sorry to say with this slow start I've had one hit. Happy to say got a solid strip set and a 4 lb sliver on the bank.
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  14. Thats batting 1000
  15. You should just quit wile your ahead. ;-)

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