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  1. Hey everyone,

    Have not been on here in a while been at A-School in the Coast Guard. I picked Coast Guard Air station Cape Cod. I have never been to the area and was wondering if anyone knows of any good bass ponds or ponds/ lakes with brood stock atlantic salmon in them. I know the striper fishing is awesome aswell as the tuna but I do like fishing freshwater aswell. Also if there are an medium to smaller sized rivers I could run a 14 foot jet boat up to get away from some of the crowds for some stripers, trout, or bass? I look forward to hearing back. Just trying to do some research before I get there. Appreciate the help in advance.

  2. Clint, I'm not sure you'll find much in the way of trout fishing on Cape Cod - the closest "quality" trout streams are in Western Mass. The striper fishing, is magnificent, however. With a boat you'll be able to get away from the crowds for sure.
  3. "Salters". ie; searun Brook Trout. Kind of like the east coast equivalent of our searun Cutthroat. They provided what was considered by some to be America's first sport fishery which occurred on and near Cape Cod.
    Believe it or not there are still some streams in the area that support runs of these char after nearly 500 years of exploitation, dams and all the rest. There are groups there dedicated to their preservation - and there is some limited fishing available.
    I've not fished for them myself but would really like to!
  4. A lot of the kettle ponds n cape cod are stocked with trout, a lot of them have amazing largemouth and smallmout bass fishing too, not to mention perch. Best trout fishing would presumably be entirely dependent on pond temperatures...

  5. I used to fish for the sea runs up in the Androscoggin river up in S Maine. And Atlantic salmon a bit further up in the Kennebeck River.

    Have done some fresh water on Cape Cod for bass and brook trout and there are some decent ponds but there are crowds too. Personally I would forego the fresh water fishing and chase stripers or false albacore in that area instead. If you want bass and trout you can fish in the Pot Holes, Moses lake, Columbia here in Washington. Use the boat to get away from beaches to flats area to wade and sight fish for stripers up to 50 inches. Put on aclear tip floating line, sand eel or clouser. Watch your drag scream and get spooled. No funner fishery IMO in the US.
  6. I grew up in South East Mass, unfortunately I didn't discover fly fishing until I moved out here. I was stationed on Air Station Cape Cod with PSU 301 until I moved out here in '07.

    The cranberry bog ponds were what I focused on for all the warm water fish, bass and panfish. Every year I go back and have a blast with a 4wt and topwater poppers.

    I know they stocked trout in a bunch of ponds on the Cape, but not sure which ones, check out the Mashpee area. If you drive off the Cape and search in Wareham and the surrounding towns, you'll find tons of warm water spots. The Bears Den is a great fly shop in Taunton, and worth a visit.

    The canal is an awesome place to spot and target Striper at night, watch for them to show up under the street lamps.

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