NFR Car break in at Rattlesnake Lake

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  1. Greetings,

    I live in North Bend so fishing the lake and hitting the hike up Rattlesnake Ridge and beyond is a quick easy option for me when I want to stretch my legs.
    I was returning to my truck today and found some douche bags breaking into it. My truck was parked in that first small overflow lot. One of them was doing the breaking, his @sshole friends were manning the getaway vehicle. The window on the extended cab was already broken and I witnessed him break the driver's side window.
    Naturally I shouted at them, I was maybe 100 feet away. He bolted back to the car and they had to jam it in reverse to get out of the lot since I was ready to dive thru the windshield if they pulled forward.
    Nothing of value was taken, I know how the game is played. Just sad to see the end of my streak of 20+ yrs of parking in way more remote areas and never having any trouble.
    They were driving an older Toyota Carolla WA lic # 062 YUM. I reported it to the sheriff, for all the good it will do. (Sheriff confirmed the plate # was legit) I know these things are hard to track down.
    Anyhoo, heads up out there if you see this vehicle. You have my permission to fire bomb it.
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  2. Sorry to hear of your unfortunate experience. A friend had some fishing gear ripped off last weekend. It's a sad reminder of the depths some people will sink to.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that. Nothing worse than a thief. You are a better man than me. I would not have shouted and immediately gone hands on. Hopefully the sheriff actually pursues them. Please let us know the outcome. I'd like to know how dedicated the law enforcement is.
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  4. Thanks for the heads-up and sorry this happened to you. I've not fished that lake in ages and this doesn't really make me want to start, but I guess break-ins can happen any time or place. Good on you for puttin' the scare in 'em and getting the license plate. Not that it matters much, but do you think lost meth heads (possibly being more willing to put up a fight when cornered) or just dumb kids?
  5. Fire bomb. We Will Do!!
  6. I hate to see these guys skate....what color was the car...can you get the cops to tell you who the car is registered to? We have a lot of eyes that can help you find the car. I would love to see these guys in a cell. They are probably responsible for most of the breakins in the area.
  7. I hiked up there a couple years ago. I must have counted 150 people or more that passed me as I was going up! A busy place for day-hikers from Seattle. Easy for some bad boys to stand there and watch as hikers head out. I'm wondering if leaving a note on your windshield before leaving that said something like, "Honey, be back in a minute" would deter some break-ins at some of these places. Just a crazy thought at the moment...:eek:
  8. Thanks, I fish it 2-3x a week. Hope they catch them. I also hope they notify the employees that work the ground maintenance as they are usually out and about there during the day.
  9. I've considered similar, like a sign that says there is nothing of value in this vehicle. But then I think some asshole would break the window just to be a POS. Best advice I've gotten yet is leave nothing in your car and the doors unlocked. Might want to invest in the club though if your ignition is older. Sad that I even have to weight these options just to park and fish.

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  10. Sorry for your luck. It's really frustrating that it is so hard to prevent it and that people target recreation areas.

    I hiked up to Lake Serene yesterday with a friend. We ran in to some really creepy shirtless guys on the trail, one of whom was carrying a machete. Needless to say they gave us the willies. We were the last people off the trail, and the two creeps rewarded my friend with a broken window and a stolen bag of clothes.

    I learned my lesson last fall when somebody broke into my car while I was fishing at Blue Stilly park. I was really stupid and left my wallet in the car, in plain sight. They broke 3 windows and stole about $300 worth of stuff. It was a cold ride back to Edmonds!
  11. My rig got the smash and dash treatment here in Ellensburg earlier this year. Alarm went off and I was on it in 30 seconds and it was to late... not a trace of them. $1,500 worth FF stuff in a backpack. If not for the alarm it would have been much worse. The bummer was all the flies for me...
  12. I'm a slow tyer so it will be ages till I replace all the flies. I can't imagine they'll get much for any of it but the new Patagonia pack?
  13. I've heard that a half empty box of ammo on the dash is a good deterrent.
  14. I'd rather see them at the bottom of the lake...
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  15. I got tired of getting ripped off at park & rides,until a everett police officer filling out a crime report told me
    The everett police department sells a club like device for ten bucks. When I carpooled I would place the devise on my steering wheel unlocked & never had a problem ever again
  16. good on you for reporting it. too many folks don't.
    hope they find them.
  17. That's good, if they don't break in to find the gun. A year or so back I read someone's suggestion to leave a tube of head lice cream on the dash. But that assumes they can or do read.
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  18. It would be a shame if people like these individuals had a mountaineering accident! Falling on boulders can be hazardous to one's health!
  19. If a dozen car prowlers had the shit kicked out of them in the same summer, I wonder if word would get out. But not just beaten, beaten in such a way as to send a message. Hooks stuck in their face. Choked with Maxima. Long thin welts across their back that can only be made by wailing on someone with the bottom 2 sections of a rod. . I picture them having an organization. They have a newsletter, go to meetings etc. So if we can catch a few of them, and beat their asses, in the summer issue of The Dash (that's the newsletter) the safety committee chair writes an article advising against plying their trade near any bodies of water.
  20. ive always wanted to make a bait car and basically go thief trapping
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