NFR Car break in at Rattlesnake Lake

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  1. You better be willing to take it all the way,these guys have no fear, ive already had a brawl in the river with a tweeker and a broken beer bottle, lil' blood lose but it ended with him underwater and his tail between his legs. Point being,it ain't worth your life or property. I was lucky.
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  2. Water does wonderful things to DNA, I would have held him under until all movement ceased. :D Broken beer bottle I would consider an attempt on my life.
  3. True that. Everybody talks tough on the internet. Real life, not so much.

  4. There's a number of fisheries in Oregon where the vehicles of fly anglers are targeted. Evidently, the tweakers have no problem selling stolen flyfishing equipment (Craig's List, E-Bay, Mexico, etc). For this reason, I don't have any flyfishing ID stickers on my vehicle... there's no reason to advertise.

    Beating up drug addicts probably won't help much. They'll continue to break into vehicles to steal whatever they can to buy drugs... addiction is just that and can not be beat out of someone.

    The only thing you can do is protect your stuff by leaving only the least expensive items in the vehicles -- like rod tubes and gear bags.

    Sometimes, the price to repair the vehicle from the break in exceeds the price of the items the thieves are attempting to steal. So don't leave anything in sight to give a tweaker reason to start breaking glass.
  5. Hey, I was just kidding. I'm a peace loving individual, doncha know...
  6. I caught someone trying to break the window in my truck two summers ago on the south fork of the snoqualmie, the exit just past north bend. I came up from the river and heard a pretty loud bang coming from the gravel lot, almost sounded like a .22. I kinda of hid behind another car as I approach and saw some shit head trying to throw a rock through my window. The bang was the rock bouncing off the first time i assume. Left a nice scratch but didnt break the window. I promptly drew my Nighthawk .45 and stepped out from behind the car I was behind. I didnt even have to say anything, he immediately saw me, his eyes got about the size of golf balls... I dont think he had ever starred down the barrel of a gun before. he started saying "oh god don't shoot me and stuff along those lines" I told him to lay face down on the ground and put his hands out in front of him. I called the cops while holding him at gun point, told him it will be illadvised for his own health for him to move. Once the cops arrived they asked me to holster my weapon, I did so, state trooper came up and then removed it from my holster. This is where it got good. The tweaker tried telling the cop I was trying to rob him! the cop came over and verified with me before arresting him. They found numerous Credit Cards that did not belong to the guy in his wallet.

    Who knows maybe the same dip shit is back at it??
  7. I have fished the South Sno Fork off exit 38 at Olallie State parks a few times recently and that road that goes thru the park that parallels the river for has some incredibly strange people living in there old cars and home made campers, I counted about 7 old cars that people are living in within a 1 mile stretch. I have no doubt that they are breaking into every car they can along i90, When you see them walking around it is obvious they have not showered or been in civilization for a long time, they obviously are not working so breaking into cars is their only source of income. When I go there now I only park in the parking lot behind the rangers house, someone is usually always there and it has access to the river and a trail that borders the river.
    More and more I am liking the idea of pay the Hancock fee and just fishing the NF. If only for the piece of mind regarding car break ins it is worth the $200
  8. Assjacks... I'm really getting tired of the growing population of assjacks! I never had the patience or empathy for people that do stuff like this... and don't any of you start with the BS rationale why we should. Worse yet, all the laws of civility and, the more recent drubbing of our 2nd amendment rights, seems to embolden them. Yeah, I know, it's not worth shooting someone over an act like this, but be honest, wouldn't like to see the look on the SOB's face thinking he's about to get a new pour spout?

    What can one do? If you did get to him and pummel him, you would likely face an assault charge... or be spending piles of time and $$ defending yourself. If you were legally carrying and attempted to use it to keep them there while you called the might that have ended up? So really, what the hell does one have at their disposal in a situation like this? Oh yeah, I remember from a similar Skagit break-in post when one of our uber's suggested that buying and driving a piece of shit vehicle, with nothing in the car, was the sensible response... please spare us and don't respond to this thread :rolleyes:.

    For sure if those that are caught were made examples of the message would get around the assjack community...but it does not and that is trending the wrong way...basically that there is no downside for their actions. A society losing its moral compass has an ugly ending...
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  9. Great job, Selvar. Just curious--any grief from either of the officers for using lethal force to hold this guy? I also carry on the water for exactly this reason. Just curious if they made a distinction between protecting your person (you weren't physically threatened) and your property. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you'd prefer.
  10. Kind of sounds like restrained use of the force necessary to effect a citizen's arrest. Nobody got hurt.
  11. I suppose you could rig up a system to electrify your vehicle to dissuade tweakers from breaking in .... but some do-gooder would probably bitch about it.:cool:
  12. No the officer didn't say anything, in fact he was pretty relaxed about the whole thing. in all reality while I was defending my personal property I would also consider it protecting myself, their was a reason I had him lay down with his hands out, I had no idea if he had any weapons on him (more then likely a knife), at least in that position it would give me time to respond if he was going to try and get cute. In my opinion it would only be lethal force if I ended up pulling the trigger on the guy, until then I was just persuading the guy to not move...
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  13. Heck, this compassionate liberal thoroughly enjoys the internet tough guy talk when it comes to tweakers and vehicle prowls and B & E. They are addicts and cannot stop, and the justice system, or whatever there is of it, is entirely unable to make any measurable difference. As much as I like Orangeradish's idea of roughing up the tweakers and making examples of a few of them, even if word gets out, they won't stop breaking into vehicles and buildings looking for anything they can sell for pennies on the dollar for their next fix. Fortunately for break-ins that occur near rivers, rivers have gravel bars. At the downstream end of gravel bars, known as point bars, the material is small gravel and sand. Why, you ask, do I mention this? Because this is an easy place to dig a hole large enough to put a tweaker. Bodies decompose over the summer, and next winter's high water washes any remaining evidence away. And the neat thing about tweakers is that their families have long since given up caring. They don't call in any missing person reports, so the police don't have to waste any time looking for someone no one really wants around anyway.

    S,S,S. Unless you have access to a backhoe, that is.
  14. Selvar, do you suppose they will ask for testimony?
    It's not often we hear a real story like this. Very interesting. You must have pulled off a calm demeanor in front of the officer. How long was the wait?
    Thanks. Good job.
  15. Most likely the tweaker will get a lawyer and sue Selvar for endangerment. ....the sad thing is, he'd probably have no problem finding a lawyer to take the case.
  16. One of the reasons I always suggest using a short barrelled shot gun, if the body does happen to come loose from the gravel and is discovered down stream there are no bullets in them that can be used for comparison purposes if they somehow put it all together. I would hate to have to dispose of a decent 1911 if the body is found.
  17. David as I mentioned this two years ago, the cop asked for a statement and asked if I wanted to press charges, he did say more then likely i would go to court and no get anything out of him, but with or without me they have enough to get him for identity theft.

    I opted not to press charges because i didnt want to waste my time in court, and the only damage was a scratch about 2 inches long on my window.

    Total time from me calling the cops and them showing up was maybe 5 minutes? when your heart is pounding though you don't really have a sense of time. I will admit I was nervous about what to do when they showed up, I decided as soon as the cops where in sight to holster my weapon (i think it put them at ease). Once i could hear the cops my adrenlin started to go down and once they where at the scene I was much clamer then when it initailly happened. Once he got out of his car he told me to step back towards him and to "keep your hands away from your weapon" I did so. he took it unloaded it and put it in his car before attending to the tweaker. time from cops showing up to me going home was probably an hour or so. Once it was over the officer gave me my gun, mag and chamber round and told me to wait until I got back in my truck to load it.

    No lawsuit was ever filled by the tweaker and I have no had anyone mess with my truck sense :)
  18. Said tweaker would have to steal a lot of car stereos to afford a decent lawyer. Not to mention he still has to resist buying meth with the money.
  19. I don't own guns but selvar congrats on a responsible and textbook use of your weapon for defense
  20. Last time I was up there, someone posted signs with a "Alert Car Break-In" and description near some of the parking and pathways.

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