Cascade Mountain Creeks with Emerald Water Anglers

Discussion in 'Events' started by thomas plowman, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. Dear all

    I'm visiting Seattle from London, England for three days from 23rd to 26th August for a university friend's wedding. I have seen footage in films of the beautiful countryside and mountain streams round Seattle and am desperate to try some fly fishing whilst I am over. Would anyone be interested in joining me to split the cost of a full days guided walk and wade of the 'Cascade Mountain Creeks' with Emerald Water Anglers on Saturday 24th August? It costs $425 which is a bit steep for one person to cover but if we formed a pair and split the cost it would be more doable. A bit about me - I am a 27 yr old finance lawyer but don't hold that against me!

    Kind regards


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