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  1. In the greater Seattle area we have a forum for firearms and related subjects. I never expected to find these on that forum. But, there they were on the ammo forum for sale. The seller only wanted $45 for the lot. After playing electronic tag for a few days he finally called me at work the other night. He says to stop by and pick them up if I would like to. Well, I only had $32 in my wallet, but he said not to worry, that would be fine. So I stopped by on my way home and got them. Heck of a nice guy to deal with.

    What I ended up with, as you can see in the photo, is a mixed bag of old paper 16 gauge shells. The Super-X are both 1 1/8 loads in #2 and #7 1/2's. The Remington Express are 3 - 1 1/8 - 7 1/2's. Hi-Powers are 3 - 1 1/8 - #4 and #7 1/2's.


    That's the cause, now for the effect. The shells got me thinking it would be nice to have a 16 gauge SXS (I only have a pump) to shoot the old shells. Granted, the #2's are a mystery as they would have been used for waterfowl and lead is now banned for that. Maybe turkeys? But the #4's and #71/2's could be put to great use.

    My first find was a Meriden made in "teens" that looked rather nice (Gunbroker ad). It turned out to be not as advertized and I decided to pass on it. More searching yielded several Citori's in Lightning and Feather models, but none spoke to me yet. A trip to Cabela's yielded a Dickinson 16 SXS that had the right price, but is new and doesn't have that vintage appeal. As I was ready to leave the Gun Library something caught my eye in another case. It was a SXS with a great set of wood and deep blued barrels over a sexy case colored receiver. It turned out to be a Merkel 1620, damn I have good (expensive) taste. It fit like it was made for me but the nearly $5K price tag made me put it back in the display case.

    Are you starting to see the cascade effect of the vintage shell find? It's like a snowball rolling down hill.

    I put down the search for a 16 for a while only to pick up the search for a pheasant hunt in the Dakotas. I've got the pump (and several other nice doubles in 20 and 12) that can drop ditch chickens with the old #4's rather nicely. Why not just treat myself to a guided trip to pheasant heaven? Well, there's the getting there (gas$) the staying there ($) the eating out ($) and who knows what else ($$$).

    Somehow the great deal is starting to cost a hell of a lot more that $32...:eek: Cause and effect...
  2. I have a two shot 16 gauge that needs a new home. It was made after WW 1 in Germany and is a Mauser 98 that was coverted to 16 gauge shotgun. It's the only thing that was legal for Germans to own then. You could really go retro with this gun.
  3. Now that's a piece I'd have to see to believe...:)
  4. for the low, low price of _______ you can.
  5. Quite a score, Roper. Congrats!
  6. I love finding the old shells. Lots of good memories associated with the old ammo

    Roper you have an addiction. ;)
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  7. Excellent score on the 16s...i've gotts jones for ithaca 20 it bad. PM me if your interested in a guide recommendation Dakota...wild birds, great setup, a real good bunch to hunt with.
  8. Man oh man, Roper!!! Roll crimp paper shells! That sure brings back the memories! Problem with this is, it pretty much demands you get a good scattergun to go with it; something along the lines of an AYA #2, maybe a Winch model 21. A model 12 would work, too! Good score:cool:
  9. Sounds like fun.
    Vintage SXS is on my list, too, but in 20.
    BTW, if you shoot the ammo, keep those cool old boxes...Good stuff for the man-cave.
  10. That is a flash back to a time of keeping shells dry and they were only about $1/box (if I remember correctly). Plus, they were lead and if you hit what you were shooting at, it died then and there. I truly think the 16ga is great vintage gun, worthy of a classic day in the field.
  11. Roper,

    Cool find! I have an older 16 ga SxS Winchester that I can't find shells for any more. I have 6 or 8 boxes of old stuff - all lead of course. Don't know what to do when these shells are gone. Wall hanger I guess.

  12. SG, there's lots of 16 gauge ammo available these days, even 2 1/2 inch low pressure. Is you gun chambered at 2 9/16ths?
  13. It's a model 24, chambered for 2 3/4". Older, but not real old. Circa 1958 I think.

  14. So why are you thinking it's a wall hanger? You should be able to find these things, and if not, contact RST shotshells
  15. Alex,

    I think I've seen 16 ga. on the shelf maybe once in the last 4 or 5 years. Hadn't thought about mail order ammo.

  16. If you ever have a hard time finding any let me know...I have lots of options for 16 ga.
  17. see 16 Gauge Society site classifieds, also Polywad for almost any hard to find shotshell.....think they even make 2" shells
    16 ga isn't dead, just exclusive......
  18. Ah, Sweet 16...

    My main scatter gun is a Lefever Nitro Special, 16ga side x side. 1923, pre Ithica production...she's my sweetheart grouse gett'r

    Love those old boxes and paper shells...reminds me of busting quail with my dad many years ago
  19. Hey Roper,
    Indeed you might like the mauser shotgun But I believe it was afterww2 that these were made for the public Feeds better than the old mossberg bolt actions if the price is right go get it ithink you will enjoy it
  20. I always wanted a Bill Hanus 16ga Citori O/U. Unfortunately he passed away last year and they highly sought after.

    Roper maybe a nice LC Smith, Browning BSS, or Winchester Model 21 in 16a will find it's way into your safe sometime soon.
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