CCA Tide Mag Sept / Oct 2013 Salmon Article

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  1. mbowers

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    Does anyone have a good reason why the introductory photo to an article about catching salmon in mostly saltwater with conventional gear and bait features a fly caught steelhead in a river? Seems like someone who knows art better than fishing picked that photo for the article.

    IMHO if CCA wants support to represent anglers for mixed stock / gear restrictive fisheries I think they should figure out species and tackle ID first!
  2. KerryS

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    Is there a link to the article\pic?
  3. mbowers

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    I looked for the pic on their website but couldn't find it. I did find the pic here tho:


    The article talks about cut plug herring mooching and downriggers in the salt.
  4. Citori

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    Tide, like many outdoor magazines, uses content from independent writers who submit articles to lots of outdoor magazines. They do try to support interest in the NW and NW issues by publishing articles about the NW. Tide's readership is mostly in the Gulf and East Coasts, and those guys are unbelievably supportive of our work in WA and OR. The CCA national board voted to intercede in the suits against OR and WA on the gillnet ban in both states, and pledged monetary contributions to help us pay for the effort. You are right, it is annoying to us, but it's eye-candy to those folks, and I for one am really happy to have their support - even if it is pictures of fly-caught wild steelhead lifted out of the water in an article about mooching for salmon. I have sent a note to CCA's communications guy.

    By the way, thanks for reading, and for the post.
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  5. Tacoma Red

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    Looks like the Deschutes River to me.
  6. mbowers

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    That's about what I thought too.

    Citori: Thanks for notifying the communications director. I am a member of CCA (at least when I remember to renew) and generally think they are doing great work. I was happy to see the involvement in West Coast issues. If they need a free proof reader before issues go out I'm happy to help. :)