CDC Suspender Buzzer

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  1. [​IMG]

    CDC Suspender Buzzer
    Hook: Umpqua U201 #14
    Thread: Danville Flymaster 6/0, scarlet
    Bubble: CDC, natural white - looped
    Abdomen: Monofilament 0.006" over tying thread
    Thorax: Seal's fur, dyed red

    Note: The 'trick' with this pattern is to use sufficient CDC to really suspend the pattern. Two dense CDC feathers for this #14 pattern will do it.

    Hans W
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  2. Yeah, it looks like that one should work. Wish I could find a good outlet for high quailty CDC.
  3. GAT, Have you ever tried Trouthunter branded CDC? Thats all I use and it seems to be the best around.
  4. I haven't but I'll do a search to try and find an outlet. Thanks!

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