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  1. So I fished cedar river yesterday for the first time looking for the lunker rainbows with no luck besides one 6 incher and some bites. I fished from cedar grove rd down about 5-6 miles then hiked back up to the car to try my luck up at the cut off fished bout 3 miles down with just one bite, started the day at 7 in the morning and was ready to go home at 5. I used as much of the fly fishing experience as I could, was I in the wrong spots or the type of weather? Any help for next time I decided to make the journey up there would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Sounds like my experiences there :-/ Rarely, I'm able to dig something about 12" out of one of the deep pools using some monstrous ugly or streamer, but more often just underwater trees. Trout aren't dumb. I think the big guys have figured out the places to be in the summer is in the lake or behind private property. Supposedly there's big ones in there, but I'm not good enough yet...

  3. Dang I've seen so many good reports on this river, maybe just need to hit at the opener and close to the closing date
  4. You didn't say whether you were dry flying it or nymphing. I have found the daytime most productive for nymphing/streamers and the evening for dry fly action.
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  5. YUP.

    One thing I say to people asking about the Cedar: If you're not losing flies to structure, you're not fishin' it right.

    You have to take risks with your flies. Some of the biggest trout I've landed on the Cedar were ones where when the indicator dropped it could just as easily have been that log/branches I was flirtin with disaster with. The biggest risks have equaled the biggest gains (up to a 23" slab that had to have been 6-7 lbs).
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  6. I had a couple of free hours before work this morning, got to Riverview Park at 6:00 am and fished until 8:30. I was able to get a few fish on dries, there were small bugs all over the water. Had takes on Adams, caddis, even an orange stimulator. Nothing big, largest was 10", the rest were 6-8". I had quite a few takes at the end of the drift, just skating the fly around the surface.
    Hell, I found a penny in the river, too. Must have been my lucky day. No lunkers, but it sure was the best part of my day.
    Keep at it.

  7. I used streamer and nymphs all day since that was what I read before I headed up there, what I did see was probably a 20 inch fish filleted just past I believe jones st then saw a fisherman hiking out of that spot dunno if it was him but it was fresh I was bummed
  8. I did loose fly to rocks and some logs maybe I was just using the wrong ones very new to fly fishing still iam sure that also had a good roll in not catching fish
  9. There's another answer to your own question--our local Renton "product". The empty carton of bait I saw on Friday evoked lovely images of me force feeding the bastards their own worms. Put several imitations right on the bottom of the pools--nothing. The 'excrement' they left on the bank should have been a clue to move upstream...
  10. I did head back up stream but then I ran into a couple more fisher and didn't want to fish behind them so I headed to the car and went up to the top and hiked down river, if anybody has some free time coming up on a weekend and is will to show me the river and some techniques would be all for listening and learning
  11. I meant it should have been a clue for ME to move upstream lol.
  12. My bad iam man misread that for sure
  13. oldmedallion,

    I went and fished it this last friday. What worked for me was copper johns. a double rig with a float worked the best a heavy to get it down and then about a 16-20 was catching the fish. Red was the color of choice on friday. James and i fished the river from the cedar creek dog park up about 2-3 miles, climbing over some rocks and wading through some rough water yeilded some pretty good holes just past the bridge. Be careful though because it is private property where the bridge from the park crosses over the river, also watch out for jumpers, saw a guy do that on friday. i will be fishing the cedar river again here pretty soon i will let you know when i will be going out there.
  14. or you could pm me when you are headed out and i can let you know if i will be able to make it. I am on fort lewis so its a little bit of a drive.
  15. Right will eat you know, yea iam out of olympia so it's a lil ways but for good rainbow it's hard to turn down
  16. Called some poachers in near there saturday. call them in if you see them. The poaching hotline said to call 911 to report active poachers, they transferred me to wdfw emergency, It took less than a minute, and even if they don't show up,they should know much its really happening and where, Then maybe they'll have some one make rounds every now and then if they get enough solid reports.
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  17. I was on it last week for the first time swinging streamers deep and in one hole behind someones river front deck hooked a gnarly 18-20 fish that eventually threw the hook after doing his best tarpon impression. A couple casts later got into a sweet little 14-15" Cutty in the same hole then landed nothing else over 8" after walking upstream 3 miles or so. Its does seem like the big boys like to hang out in areas that are more difficult for fisherman to access. Runs that are a little easier to access but the same depth/structure/speed had nothing but a couple dinks when fishing the same fly the same way.
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