Cedar River fishing + golf outting WHOS IN

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  1. This was brought up a few times in a joking fashion but for once in my WFF forum career I'm going to be serious:

    Who would be in for a day of cedar fishing + golf at that Maple valley highway course? Ideally we would get 4 or 8. Then we could do some best ball or something group vs group to make it more fun if we want (or not, w/e).

    I'll PM those few that showed genuine (I think) interest in the past.

    Plus if we pay for a round we can probably leave our cars in the parking lot of the golf course and actually enjoy the cedar w/o being worried about a break in.

    As for dates that will have to be decided upon by those involved but I'm thinking some Sat or Sun in early August? Early tee time, then lunch, then fish in the afternoon? Something along those lines...

    1) golfman
    2) steelhead virgin dan
    3) steelydan
    4) tinman
    5) p dieter
    6) irafly
    7) doublespey
    8) chris johnson
  2. What's golf?

    OK, just kidding. I know what golf is (the act of trying to put a small ball into a wee hole with equipment ill suited to the purpose), but I've never tried it. I've heard it's addictive, unproductive, and interferes with fishing time. Have a great time, and it's good to know you and others will be off the water for a little while.

  3. In!
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  4. Golfing is actually hard unlike fishing salmo, I can see why you are afraid to try it ;)
  5. Of course golf is hard. You should try using equipment better suited to the purpose . . .

    I'm not afraid of trying golf. My step-father enjoyed golfing and thought I might be good at it. I told him it would interfere with fly fishing, and he didn't disagree with that. I encourage all potential anglers to take up golf, in the interest of leaving the waters less crowded. I've read a couple times recently that interest in golf is waning nationally. This is terrible news and can only mean that crowding on favored fly fishing waters is here to stay.
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  7. I'd give it a go...I am a horrible golfer though. I think I may still have two passes for a round of golf there too.
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  8. Sounds fun and different. Sign me up
    Actually did it a long time ago at Sun Country on the yakima
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  9. Sounds pretty cool if the dates work out for me. Although I haven't golfed in years. That's what's great about doing best ball with a group, only one guy needs to be any good.
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  10. Awesome we have 6 so far. 2 more and we can start figuring out dates.

    A group game could be fun, each person puts up a few flies for the cedar, winning group takes all
  11. I'd be interested, depending on dates. Golf with a bunch of flyfishers could be entertaining.


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  12. That's not fair and you know it. Ill say no more
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  13. Ya whoever gets Dan on their team will be out some flies
  14. Can I still get in on this?
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  15. Got you in
  16. We need to make sure that these golf carts have insurance policies on them.
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  17. Fixed.
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  18. Can I do archery golf? You hit the ball and I will shoot by bow at your ball where it lays?
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  19. It looks like the trip is full already, but I would love to get in on this next time around. I would love to meet some new golf/fishing friends.

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