Cedar River on Thurs this week. A litle advice?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kirky, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. I used the search function, and was not finding anything of any real substance for a little guidance. My uncle and I are going to head to the Cedar on the advice of a few tips. But nobody seems willing to give any guidance on where to go. We both have the Costco pontoon boats. Is the Cedar full enough to mess with our pontoons? Or should we just do waders and hop around from spot to spot in the car? Anybody want to share any knowledge/advice with a novice heading to the Cedar? Any help would be great.
  2. First off I could learn to spell. Sorry for the typo in the subject thread. Duh.
  3. Yeah but you're the first to get it right on "advice" vs. "advise." Well done :)

  4. Kirky, you might want to retract your statement. He has it correctly spelled as he wants "advice". Advice is a noun whereas advise is a verb. Kirky and Ford should both retract their statements.

    Just a defending a non-necessary attack from a 'new-member', Kirky and an incorrect statement from Ford.
  5. Kirky was correcting himself!

    As for advise, you won't need your pontoon. Waders are fine, many choose to wet wade as well (I prefer the waders). Most advice I have seen says that nymphing is more successful and in the two trips I have made I'd say that I agree. They will take dries but maybe not as eagerly.

    As far as spots go, there is tons of access along maple valley hwy and the bike path that parallels the river. Just pick a spot and go.

    Final tip, take everything out of your car, the area has been notorious for break-ins. I haven't had any trouble but I've only been twice.
  6. Better hurry up and fish it. It closes at the end of the month. That said the river is pretty low. Just walk and wade. I fished it a few weeks ago and just wet waded. Streamers in the morning, nymphs during the day, drys in the evening, and just be trouty!

    1. Find access via Cedar River Trail or Golf Course

    2. Get in river

    3. Fish

    Tight Lines!
  7. I'm retarded. Forgive me all.
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  8. Go Late, Go often, September is coming quick...
  9. The river is LOW and running about 64-66 degrees. At that temperature the fish are approaching the point where they stress easily due to the spike in their metabolism to the point they have trouble eating enough to maintain their body weight. Fish early in the morning or late in the day if you go and stick to the faster, deeper water. IMO you may want to consider different plans.

    Here is a good article on water temperatures and trout http://www.hatchmag.com/articles/trout-and-water-temperature-how-hot-too-hot/771553

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