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  1. The season has started off hit and miss.
    No complaints! The hits have been huge.
    No fish feeding on top yet, although I have yet to fish in the evening.
    Has anyone seen any fish feeding on the surface before dark?
    Anyway, Sat I caught one fish (17") in three hours and few other on large stims.
    Yesterday, I caught 3 in 3 hours. One was a absolute pig though.
    That baby was as fat a salmon. 23" and 5 pounds easy. The pig is pretty bad, Sorry!
    They are in there you just have to work for them

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  2. you did not fish the cedar.

    1. the cedar has no fish
    2. cougars will attack
    3. Your car will be stolen
  3. nice work. I live right up the hill from the river and hopefully will be out some evening this week with this nice weather
  4. Nice work. Were you swinging streamers or nymphing? Looks like a muddler or something in its mouth.

    How did you find the wading? Things are at the upper threshold from what my logs tell me.

  5. Yup.

    Nice fish btw :)
  6. I went out last night and the flows were at 412. I usually don't wade until 300 but I found that I could wade with no problem last night. The fish weren't really active on top but I managed around 15 subsurface.
  7. Hey guys. Is the upper portion of the Cedar safe to float at that flow rate?
  8. Those are some really sweet fish man. 23" is a pig for anywhere.

    For you guys that fish it regularly, what would you consider "wadeable" flows? I've never been there so I don't know what to look for.
  9. If you want to wade wait for it to get around 300cfs. The upper section is floatable but be careful because there is a ton of debris right below the surface.
  10. 300 is very wadable. In my notes from prior years I recorded a VERY sketchy crossing I made at MVRP with flows at 920 CFS. With flows at 950 I was able to carefully wade to the bar downstream of Jones Rd bridge, but was unable to make the crossing to access the boulder-hole upstream of the bridge. I always considered it cautiously good-and-wadable in the 500-600 and lower range, and it fishes really well at those flows.

    I'm not encouraging anyone to go and do anything dumb... just pointing out that wadable is a relative term.

    I look at wading the same way I looked at free solo climbing (unroped). Never climb up something you aren't entirely comfortable down-climbing. And, never wade into something you aren't entirely comfortable back-wading out of. There is a point of no return with both - don't go past it.

    BTW, I always have a wading staff ready in case I need it, and I wear a CO2 charge SOSpenders wading belt. Haven't had to pull the rip cord on that sucker yet, but I've been close a couple times and once was on the Cedar at 920.

    And, to Cedar's point re floating: yep - be really damn careful. Not only are there hidden obstructions, but the river changes every year and sweepers and trouble spots that can pull you into branches are common. Don't underestimate the power of a current that's sucking towards trouble - the Cedar is more powerful than it looks. I've floated every inch from Landsburg to Renton over the years and there are some trouble spots. Be careful going around blind corners - get to a spot where you can stop and slowly ease around to check it out first.
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  11. Nice fish Montana!! where bouts did you find the big ones?? lower or upper part of the river...I fished landsburg tonight and caught 4 but 3 lil guy and a 14"er and I drove up river from the MV market and put in at a friends house in my toon on friday evening and floated back down to the pull out at the little park just past the MV market...again 6/7 fish biggest was maybe 12" or so and lots of missed fish also...and they are hitting top water one of the ones I caught friday jumped through my stim when he hit it and rose a cpl more times on the retrieve...I haven't seen much top water action though as far as fish rising...I think the'll come to the surface for a meal but besides that their laying low....Im fishing tomorrow and monday and was gonna float from landsburg as far as I could float tomorrow bfr it gets dark I'm from around here so I know the river well and know ppl who live on the river where I can pull out or put in but I'd like to get into one of those 17+"ers I think im throwing the right flys im catching fish but not sure I'm where the big guys are...Had a buddy pull out a 4lber just up from MV market on a sculpin so I'm not sure if I should fish the upper landsburg to MV market section or go down river more...but I'd love to pull out a big guy...I've lived in MV most my life and so the cedar was my play ground in the summers growing up n then they closed it so I'm glad to see it back open again but I'm sure its changed from when I was younger and I wasn't throwing flys for em back in the day either I was using little spoons n spinners....but I guess my question is or the big fish in the upper section or down below MV market?? I've heard below, but I've also heard that the big fish will come over the damn at landsburg and go back and forth when the waters high like it is, once it drops and they can't go up over the damn anymore some big guys come down and get stuck right there at landsburg...

    Thanks in advance for any hints/help...I'm not looking for your super secret hole I know the river from landsburg to renton really well from growing up here i'm just curious of the general area you were fishing to find the big guys....and I'm ready to work for em!!!

  12. MV is?

    Edit: Maple Valley. Got it.
  13. Go low and tangle with the trout that swim up out of the lake...can be exciting.
  14. I didn't get skunked! Caught my first fish in the Cedar today on a 4wt,a small one. Ohhh well it was fun tryin
  15. IMG_0269.JPG IMG_0270.JPG Fished up above the maple valley hwy crossing at the MV market today with my little bro...floated about 6-7hrs in our toons n stopped to fish didn't fish from the pontoons but had a good day saw some risers n both of us caught lots of little 7-10" fish but we did both get into a big one and AT THE SAME TIME!! I said fish on turned n looked at him n he got hit both were the biggest we caught all day id say mine was a solid 18+" n FAT very heathy looking bow his was cpl inches shorter like 15-16" but not as fat mine was a log ill post pics of the fish...I caught mine on a small cone head grizzle rabbit strip sculpin n he got his on a black n purple intruder..he hooked into one moments before outta the same hole that broke his line...all n all it was a great day of fishing...we're back at it tomorrow n putting in at the bridge crossing on MV hwy just past the shell station where we pulled out today, just gonna contiue on down the river in search of some more big trout..we fished a lot of top water flys mostly stims n the little guys like em but had to put on bigger sinking flys to find the big ones...THEIR IN THERE n up above the MV hwy bridge just past the shell station if your headed into MV is a nice place to fish we saw 3 guys fishing is all two walking n wading n another good fishing of a old train bridge who knows what his deal was??? Anyways here's the pics of the fish my fish pic was snapped mid release he flipped out of my hands ill post the pics here in a few mins they don't do the fish justice we were to far away when we snapped the pics and also these fish are so beautiful it's hard to capture their beauty wish a waterproof camera...great day on the river though!!! Looking forward to another one tomorrow hopefully with some more nice sized bows or cuts...I'll let ya guys know how we did and post pics if we get into some more decent sized fish...Bunny Leach is the pattern were gonna try tomorrow we just tied up a bunch in all colors so were hoping the bigger fly's will produce the bigger fish...View attachment 29052 View attachment 29053
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  16. Thanks for the reply. I look forward to fishing my favorite spots when I get back to town.

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  17. I got out on the Cedar last evening, found a few spots that were wadeable and found quite a few little fish like this guy. Had a couple bigger (10") ones that didn't stick around to get their pictures taken. Fished about 2 hours, caught a dozen or more fish between me and my buddy. Mine were all on nymphs, he had one take on a dry off the top. Lots of fish around, and the couple people we talked to in the parking lot all caught fish as well. Great night to be out, can't wait to do it again.
    BTW, that was the first time I used my new 3 wt, what a blast. IMG_1990.jpg
  18. The big fish are in there, they rarely hit the surface. I have found big ones 16"+ from Maple Valley to Renton, usually holding deep.
    As for wading, I'm a pretty big guy so I don't run into to much trouble under 700. That being said I tore my MCL last year in water around 350.
    Pick your spots!
  19. The wading can be tricky on the cedar there's lots of big rocks you have to navigate around n holes in the rocks you'll be cruise n along just fine n the boom u just dropped 2ft into a hole and don't let it's size fool ya the water can be really strong even in the shallows I've taken a swim more than once wading the cedar...as far as dry flys go I second the comment about the little guys hitting em seems like those little guys will hit pretty much anything I've been catching em on stims n big drys of all shapes n colors but the bigger fish are sub surface and your gonna have a better chance at them with a weighted big ugly I use a lot of grey n brown sculpins were trying bunny leeches today to try n bring a big guy up...headed out for our second day n just gonna continue out float from where we pulled out yesterday towards Renton...ill post pics if we find any good sized fish today....
  20. Talk about a swing in the fishing yesterday was awesome on the upper section of the cedar above the maple valley market lots of little fish caught by both me and my brother n a cpl in the 15-18" range but today we put in at maple valley market n floated down to cedar grove rode n we both caught just one little fish each!! Lots of bumps n strikes but no takers n we thru everything at em drys stims leeches sculpins buggers streamers weighted streamers u name it we probably tried it...I don't remember a day when I went through as many flys as I did today trying to find a taker...water looked good n we found some really nice runs n deep pools but I don't know what the deal was...I think it was the water was just moving to fast in that section so fast that it was hard to get anything down deep on our 4 n 5w but top water wasn't working like it was up stream further for the little guys either...a lot of fishy looking water though...so like my grandpa used to say the fishing was good today but the catching wasn't!! Most spots were wadable but don't let the shallow water fool ya there's a lot of water coming down that section n it's strong I didn't go deeper than my waist n even that was a little sketchy...so sorry guys no pics today fishing was good n the float was nice but the catching stunk!!

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