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  1. Sorry bout the cig in my mouth makes me look like a redneck I meant to put it out before the pic but we were caught up in the excitement of the double hook up on some decent sized fish...it was a high five moment for sure!!
  2. Biker-DD, glad you had a great day. Given that all trout must be released on the Cedar, it isn't a great idea to drag them up onto dry rocks to take a photo before you let 'em go. Those dry rocks do a really nasty job of scraping scales and protective slime off the trout's flesh. Just a friendly reminder......have fun out there!
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  3. I appreciate the comment but the fish we took pictures of were landed in soft nets and never left the water but for a few seconds to snap a photo...and I'm well aware of the catch and release, in fact I only fish catch and release unless its a salmon or steelhead I plan on eating...thanks for the friendly reminder though...We should handle these fish with a gentle hand and try and protect them as much as possible, this fishery is in rehab mode still.....
  4. What Mingo said. That and the sound of fish hitting rocks brings out Gollum.
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  5. Mingo's comment was a friendly reminder directed at Biker-DD who posted a picture of a fish on the rocks earlier in this thread. It looks to me like you did just fine. Nice fish!
  6. I got that and apologizes to Mingo for my quick response...I try and keep the fish in the water even in the net and softly remove the barbless hook befor I turn them loose, a lot of times I don't even touch them I just grab my fly and slip it out gently and return them to the water by dunking my net and letting them swim away...If i get a fish I'd like a picture of the same process takes place the fish stays in the net and in the water and once the camera is ready I'll pic him up for a quick moment before I send him home...and I use a soft rubber net to reduce scaling and harm done to the fishes flesh, something i think should be required on a fishery like the cedar that is trying to come back, we need to keep those little fish as heathy as possible so they will continue to spawn and rebuild the fishery...
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  7. Dude. Love the smoke hanging out. That made the picture badass.
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  8. Rookie mistake. Message received. Thanks.
  9. Wish I could figure out what I'm doing wrong on this river LOL. In fairness, I'm new to nymph fishing so that explains it--boy do I miss the dry fly action in Utah :(. I've been shocked at the size hooks these rainbows will take. Never caught anything larger than 8-10" fish on this river, but even they took #10-12s. I remember taking 18" browns on #20 PEDs lol. What sizes have worked for you?

    tight lines everyone
  10. streamers is shat I would use. Dead drifted with a san juan worm behind it in pink, red or yellow.

    however I would never fish the Cedar because there is no fish in it
  11. Thanks BASS. I'll give it a go. Yeah I'm beginning to wonder where they are. I'm used to being able to see fish migrate around me but I can't even spook them out with rocks lol. My best guess is that they're in DEEP, which would make sense given the clip of the water and relative lack of big objects to hide behind/under. Can be dangerous wading though for sure.
  12. I fished up off the landsburg trail today went out around 2:30-3 n came home bout 7:45 picked up 9/10 little guys on drys saw a lot of little guys rising n lots of grey bugs on top of the water...I started off throwing sculpins n small weighted bunny leeches got a bump or two but waters to fast to get the flys down to the big fish so after an hr or two of nothing I switched it up n started throwin drys like stims Adams Mosquitos n that did the trick those little guys were crushing the mosquito pattern I was using...hard to find good water right off the trail though I had caught like 5 5-10"ers on stims n was on my way out n decided to fish right after the bridge put on a mosquito n picked up another 4/5 in like 30mins all little guys though the water was a little slower coming out from under the bridge but was deep so lots off roll casting n flip casting side arm n up n down stream with a 90 degree swing to try n drop it across the river...good day but nothing to brag about gotta go deep for the big guys but u can go pick off little guys all day on drys...biggest was maybe 10" n smallest was like 4/5" n of course he had to be the one to crush the fly poor little guy damn near swallowed it...lucky it had no barb n I was able to get him free easily...fun day but I'd like to see some bigger fish I think once the water slows n u can get flys down the big guys will start hitting just to fast n deep to get to the spots where their holding right now at least way up stream where I was...
  13. J- if you want 20 law abiding internet-searching fly guys and a bunch of spin fishermen hitting your favorite spot for fish between 5-10 inches with what worked for you, keep posting details, locations, times and flies. If that sounds like hell to you, think about writing a report like this.

    Not really, The Cedar is barbless fishing only...

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  14. :)
  15. first I'm well aware of the barbless catch and release law, and second the landsburg bridge/trail is by no means my favorite spot....although it seemed to be other ppls as I walked out with a trash bag of beer cans and bottles I collected along the shore of the water as I was fishing there today...If someone wants to go fish where I fished today let them (plz pick up your trash though) but there was nothing special about what I posted...I live 5mins from landsburg and a few other spots I can fish the cedar at so I was just posting my experience for the day...It's a well known spot already no secret and I didn't see but one guy fishing and he was coming out as I was going in...a few cars but idk if they were fishing or not cuz I didn't see em but there have been day's I've had to weave around guys down there at landsburg....yeah it does sound like hell trying to weave in and out of 20 guys on a stretch of water and i've had to do it on many rivers/lakes and it's not fun, but if someone wants to go do what I did today let em, I'll be hitting my other spots, the reason for the specifics was to see if anyone else had had better luck than me doing something different was all....I have my spots I go where I know I'll catch fish and have a better chance at a decent sized fish then where I was today and those spots stay with me...I've never asked anyone for a specific spot and never would but it doesn't hurt to point someone trying to get out in the right direction and let them do their own exploring...all I said was I fished below the bridge off the trail and mention a cpl flys, I don't think anyone will be super stoked about a few 5-10" fish...Yeah it was fun to catch but I'd rather have a chance at something bigger, those little guy's are peppered all the way down the cedar and there's a 100 different spots someone could go and do just as I did today, I know cuz I've done it...I'm not on here to give out my secret honey holes and not on here to ask for someone else's, but if someone can point me to a general area on any body of water I'm considering fishing I don't see it as a bad thing...that's why people join a forum/website like this is to help learn the fisheries and get a general idea of what to do when they get there...and like I said it's a well known spot I've been down there when there were quite a few guys along the river and so I don't think my little report is going to surprise anyone are bring out anymore people to that spot then those that already go there....if it does I guess they'll be outta my way when I do go hit my different favorite spots on the cedar that I like better.. :)
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  16. Sigh, here we go again....

  17. Agreed! Most of the jerks out there lurking to pounce on someone's honey hole aren't the types who like c&r rivers and definitely not 5-10" trout. I enjoyed your post.

  18. LOL

    Yeah...I would be shocked if there's such thing anymore as a 'secret' spot on the Cedar. And actually the only ones I've seen on it are fly fisherman, not spin/etc. Who wants to catch minnows on a spinning rod? Thanks for all the info Jsly et al because I'm struggling on this river. It's my 'home' destination until I can figure out other possibilities. I figure an 8"er is better than 0"er lol.
  19. Went today about 7:30pm lost a nymph fly and tied on a dry and two or three casts had a small on. No skunk wheeew!
  20. When I lived in Washington state, the Cedar was one of those rivers that one avoided like the plague. I don't like crowds. I like to fish in solitude. Me, one with nature.

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