celebrities who fly fish

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  1. Who are some "celebrities" who fly fish- not necessarily Hollyweird stars, but anyone well known? Besides Zen, that is.
  2. Jimmy Buffett and Eric Clapton.
  3. Jay Buhner, Niki Taylor, John O'Hurley
  4. Gordon Ramsey
  5. Henry WInkler
  6. Harrision Ford and the best hitter ever Ted Williams. GO SOX, take that sloan:) and dom:)
  7. Huey Lewis, the guy from primus, Merlin Olson...
  8. George Bush (Both) and Dick Cheney, but who gives a flying $%^*!
  9. Dwight D. Eisenhour(sp). He love the Black Hills for it's fly fishing. Brad Pitt in the flick that got a lot of people interested in what we all do.

    And best of all ME

  10. Ted Williams isn't Ty Cobb or Babe Ruth???

    Seriously though, Don't forget Jimmy Carter and Ted Turner
  11. Teddy Roosevelt
    Jack Nicklaus
    Larry Csonka
    Tiger Woods
    Stormin Norman Scharzkopf
    Tom Brokaw
    Chuck Yeager
    Bobby Knight
    Herbert Hoover
    Harry Truman
    Richard Nixon
  12. I could care less!!!!!!!!
  13. You are right, Ted Williams is better:ray1:
    What is the definition of a Celebritie?:confused:
  14. LOL Maybe in some mysterious parallel universe, John.

    Andrew Carnegie
    Bing Crosby
    Ernest Hemingway
    Winslow Homer
    Joseph Jefferson
    Samuel F.B. Morse
    Charles Ritz
    Daniel Webster
    Zane Grey
  15. Ya I saw the guy from primus on fly fish america or one of those shows
  16. I would say Chuck Norris but he doesn't Fly Fish, he Fly Catches, Because the word fishing implys the chance of failure and Chuck Norris NEVER fails!
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  17. Robert Duvall, Bo Derek, Tom Skeritt
  18. John Denver
    Willie Bloomquist
  19. Reba's big, red hair is known to become a black caddis nest on the Bighorn each August.
  20. Jane Fonda even has custom made purple waders.
    William Devane
    Roderick Haig-Brown

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