celebrities who fly fish

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    Santa barbara, nay southern california streams stealhead runs are very sporadic, and very very illegal to fish in. I heard a creek by 126 has a some stealhead, world famous saltwater guide gary bulla lives on it.
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    Don't forget all the WFFers and the MFFNers
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    Why the hell would anyone care who these people are? :confused:

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    I've been thinkin'. I don't think I'd even recognize a celeb if I saw one.
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    Here's one of my favorite photos of a celebrity angler. BTW, she's fishing an E.F. Payne 9' bamboo rod, which today would b e considered quite a "manly" rod -- there's a rather entertaining thread of the subject over on Clark's Classic Forum:

    Ginger Rogers and her Payne rod


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    Woody Harelson

    If so where did he get it?
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    Jeremy Jones- professional snowboarder and Winter X-Games athlete.
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    There was an article in the PI or Times a while back about Don Wakamatsu and Jr. going fishing on the sound Wak caught a nice king I seem to remember.

    I once guided a former Mayor of Anchorage
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    I built a fishing "cabin" for Jack Nicklaus and his family. Great people.
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    I guy I know who works on a ranch in montana, needless to say hes not up on current cleb stuff, noticed a stranger fishing a ck in the back 40 behind no tresspassing signs etc. my buddy rode up to the stranger and informed him that he was on private property and had to get the f out of here, the stranger looks up and says dont you know who I am? Im mike keaton, my buddy says well im joe doughnut now get the f out! I always tell people my buddy kicked batman off his yard and didnt know it!

    Apparently the ranch owner had given mike an open invite but didnt tell the hands about it.
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    Jack Hanna but his wife is a better casterptyd
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    Mumbles...nuff said!
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    I was in Jack Dennis's real fly shop (off the main street and around the corner from his Shop in Jackson Square) in 2010 and they have a photo of Richard Pryor fishing the Madison. Seems he went there a number of seasons and always fished with Jack and his crew.
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    The late great Warren Zevon frequently flyfished rivers in western Montana.
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