Centerpin rod/reel fly fishing.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by fredaevans, Nov 8, 2009.

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    If we can't fly fish it, we call it conservation water. Not every square meter of a river has to be fished. Kinda' old school, I know.

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    I did some centerpin fishing for springers and coho in Tofino this year and nothing like feeling the fight minus all the flasher junk. Truely fly fishing in deep water. Was a thrill.
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    Now that was funney Mr. G.


    (Candidate above for "Quote of the Year??:thumb:)

    I take your point as I went to the 'same school.'

  4. Brazda

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    Totally a bad ass way to fish steel, and not as easy as one may think if you do it true blue. The cast is very difficult, old timers in the 60's used a reel called a Wynona in a similar fashion but without the bobber ah,,,,float,,, sorry pin heads.
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    I think it takes more skill to land fish on a pin reel ,than any fly reel .

    Depending on the reel , you may , or may not have a reel with a "drag"on it . Mine , a JW Youngs Purist does not . It does have a very weak clicker , but it won`t prevent an over-run if you slip up while fighting a fish . You learn , in a hurry , how to properly palm the reel .
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    funny ass thread... people saying centerpinning is "truly flyfishing in deep water" and making it out to be such a difficult way of fishing.

    it is a fun way to fish.... but it's not that complicated... but the justifications on this thread are hilarious

    my take on gear fishing - it is a fun way to fish, but i know i missed some great days fly fishing by going out with a centerpin.

    as for trolling with centerpin reels out in the salt water... the more time you do this the longer it will take to truly learn how to saltwater fly fish (same goes for bucktailing).

    salmo g has got it right... you don't have to fish every single inch of a river to have a good day. you might actually spend more time fishing good fly water if you don't slow down to focus on bobber water.
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    topwater you are such an elitist...just because i fish my driftnet under an indobob using my speydicator doesn't make me any less of a flyfisherman than you.
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    Anyone know some good tapered leader formulas for centerpin fishing?


    If you were a real true blue fly fisherman, you'd know you can dispense with the speydicator if you just string your indobobs a fathom apart on the bobline of your drift net. Sheesh! Kids these day think they know something . . .

  9. Chris Bellows

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    yep, if i'd only known i could have run "fly fishing" charters for halibut using giant centerpins rigged with power-pro, 2lbs of lead, and herring (for the purists i would use a rubber squid "fly"). that would have been "true deepwater fly fishing". just imagine cranking up barn doors with a 1:1 ratio reel.

    i'm surprised the moochers haven't jumped into the saltwater forum... considering they often use 1:1 ratio reels. i mean you just cannot get the same spin with a fly as a cut-plug.

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    I’ve been centerpin fishing for a year now. It has been fun learning new techniques, new casts and frankly its very fun fighting fish on a reel that lacks any drag at all. It is not fly fishing and doesn’t masquerade as such.

    I’m not sure if the negative responses to this thread should be taken seriously…but just for fun: Spey rods were created by anglers who were looking for a more effective way to catch more fish. If you worry that trying tackle that may prove to be more effective will tempt you or others to fish unethically you have a very different opinion about human nature than I do. Do you also worry about trying foods that are too tasty and rich because you will be unable to stop eating them?

    We all set limits on the type of tackle we will or won’t use based on the level of challenge we are seeking. It strikes me as strange (to say the least) that people are warning against trying something new because you may like it too much.
  11. Charles Sullivan

    Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

    The difference is that it is not flyfishing. I think that given that this is a flyfishing board, it is perfectly acceptable to joke about people asking questions about centerpinning for steelhead here. Flyfishermen can be so sensitive to the elitist label.

    To me centerpinning and for that matter all gear fishing for steelhead is like gay sex. I don't have a problem with it. I'll even fight for your right to do it, but I'm not gonna do it and I don't care to read about it or see pictures of it. I'm quite sure that I'm not a sexual elitist of any sort.

    Go Red Sox,
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    Well... color me gay :)
  13. 4 pages on pinning on a fly fishing website....WOW!
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    Like Charles said, well mostly like he said anyway, we're just making some fun retorts to the posts that hinted to the similarities of centerpinning and fly fishing and then remarked to the effectiveness of centerpinning. When it comes to steelheading and the effectiveness of fly fishing, fly fishing doesn't usually even belong in the game. Which is why I went off with the drift gillnet comparisons, because if effectiveness and numbers are the yardstick of success, well few gear types come close to drift gillnets. All in fun. And if people want to fish centerpins, that's fine, and if they want to post about it on a fly fishing board, well, they'll get better treatment here than some places I've known.

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    WTB - 13-14' centerpin rig, preferably with a rainbow grip.
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    That's sooo Seattle!

    Funny - guys who flyfish like to talk about other stuff they enjoy on a flyfishing board. Hunting, dogs, women, trucks, and gay sex (oops - forgot that Salar disclaimed that one :clown:)

    But when it comes to other fishing methods that have a similar esthetic appeal to some (there's definitely an artistry to casting a cp and it would probably be more ~enjoyable~ to fish bobbers with one than a fly rod) people get their elitist hackles up. This thread sounds exactly like the pro/anti indicator 'discussion'.

    Someone already said it - if you want the discussion to go away quit whining/joking/sniping about it.

    Just IMO,

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    Thanks Anil !!! :thumb:
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    Now I'm confused:confused:
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    pinning's a metroflexual thing.
    have at it, boys, but please leave out the details...:rofl:
  20. Charles Sullivan

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    "Not that there's anything wrong with that."