Centerpin rod/reel fly fishing.

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  1. I resisted opening this thread since its birth. Poor willpower. What I take away from this 8 pages of bullshit is that flyfishing is a progressive sport that's regressing.
  2. Yellow Lab let me know when you head that way and I will try and meet. If not Anil and I will hold a clinic on the water very soon.
  3. LOL...
    Spoken like a true Britt..

    Haven't tried it yet but it sure does sound like a blast to fish with.
  4. Daniel,

    Fished last Wednesday, Sunday and Wednesday again. That's 0 for 3....
    Try again.. :)
  5. you guys dont need clinics... it is way simple.... so easy a caveman can do it.... just go to upstate new york and you'll understand anyone...and i mean anyone can pin fish....designer bobber fishing with overpriced gear.... but then again im glad it hasn't caught on out here, because it is deadly.
  6. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that both of us have fished the great lakes.

    I wouldn't go to a Babtist bullletin board and sing the praises of the pope either. I bet a lot of Babtist would read the thread though, and they'd comment.

    Go Sox,
  7. Spell check.
  8. i could reference my batting average for this past lake superior steelhead season....but i wont.
  9. haha...the term "fly fisherman" is used very loosely on the great lakes.
  10. Indeed.

    They are "nymphing".

    This is the reason I do not nymph.

    Go Sox,
  11. For now sure went bye bye quick, how you like the Raven ??

  12. Centerpin rod/reel (fly) fishing?

    Center Pinning? Isn't that the same as a spinning rod, bobber and worm? No I didn't read the entire thread. Who cares.... Isn't there a gear fishing site forum somewhere?
  13. Centerpin rod/reel (fly) fishing?

    Ahhhh, a bit 're-education' is required here. Many rivers, or rather substantial chunks of them are 'fly fishing only' during a good portion of the year (some 365). Here on the upper Rogue you can only use 'flies' a good portion of the year. that said, one of the acceptable ways to 'fly fish' is with a bobber rig without ANY ADDITIONAL WEIGHT under the bobber. So ..... heavily weighted flies are 'legal,' you just can't have any lead on the leader (or below the float if you're fishing that way. Now down to the 'why' of wanting to try out a (true) centerpin rig: I've never used one, I've never even seen one on any of the SW Oregon streams.

    Still intend to use a fly(s) for the terminal tackle, but something new for those far off drifts that are a pain in the butt to actually get down/stay down even with a 2-hander.
  14. Its somewhat interesting to watch how a group of fly guys can get their panties in a wod over a center pin topic on on a fly fishing board yet if a spey or other fly fishing related topic appears on a gear board, its treated as any other topic. Personally, I think this thread is a lot more interesting than the ones that seem to pop up every couple weeks....What waders should I get? What is the best trout rod? Better yet, nymphing vs swinging. That being said, I need to catch a steelhead....soon. :clown:
  15. Centerpin rod/reel (fly) fishing?

    This thread looks sadly like the infamous "swing vs nymphing" one. Getting as many hits as well. :hmmm:
  16. Brad, you trouble maker, guess I will eat my words. :eek:

  17. Jake and OS have it nailed ... a simple ... But MY GOD!! A (really) New Question !!!and the 'yo-yo's' with zip to do, get their fingers on a key board. Never quite understood that, but it's a fact of life on many Internet Boards. Just my .02 cents.
    And now to 10 pages of posts?
  18. If you are interested, I've posted a class in the events forum.
  19. God I'd love to ... but from Ashland, Oregon (14 miles north of the Kalifornia boarder) that's a heck of a drive .. one way and back.:rofl:


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