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  1. Ok I figured this is a good places to get started, first a quick run down, I am trying to plan a family camping trip on memorial day weekend in central washington and would like all the help I can get at this as it will be in a area that I am not familiar with. Some understanding for the ppl that will try to help, we are trying to find a spot that is in between spokane and Seattle as one group will be coming from spokane and the other from seattle. I am not a still water fly fisherman. I like to find streams that are on the wade able side or creeks. So I am looking for ideas a long those lines. I know spring run off might make this a little harder than normal but all I can do is ask and I figured with everyone on here I am bound to run across someone who can help with this.
  2. Check and see if the streams open up Memorial Day weekend or if it's June 1st. If June 1st is the opener look for lakes.
  3. Didn't think about that but that will be a little easier once someone gives me a stream.
  4. It might be tough at that time of the year; I think I'd look towards the Blue Mts., or maybe plan to meet up in Oregon. It might not be halfway in between, but it would be equidistant.
  5. General opener for streams in central washington is June 1st, memerorial Day is on the 27th of May so most streams won't be open. How about the Yakima River? It's open all year round, and the canyon would be fun for folks from the wetside.

    I like Richard's advice. The last couple of years when I'm yearning for some stream fishing I start thinking about the Blue Mountains, and also some of the small desert rivers in Oregon like the Crooked. I haven't made it down there yet, but it's on the list.
  6. Not to point out the obvious, but there's always the Ford. The rez streams that aren't already open do so tomorrow.
  7. Patrick that sounds like some good advice, the yak would probably be fun. So question now where on the yak or in the cannon is there to camp are there a lot of spots will I have to look very hard. I am not really looking for a camp ground more. I am more of the find a spot kind of guy.
  8. And trip do the rez have places where I could camp? I have never tried to do that so I figure I will ask? And I know about the ford but am looking for something that the hole family will enjoy and I can fish.;)
  9. Check the new regs some streams are the first Saturday in June and others for example the Met how changed to the first Saturday before Memorial day check the new regs.
    Kelly Michelsen
  10. Red's fly Shop is in the canyon, and they have some great info on camping there.
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  11. That was one thing that always pissed me off about our state. Why not open all streams on memorial day? It really screws up the holiday having the stream or river you're camping along open the day after you go home. I'm sure management has some profound insight, but it still pissed me off before I found ways around it.
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  12. Thanks Kelly I will have to do that.
  13. They used to be open then. But something about fish going back out to sea made the powers to be change it. Like whats a couple of days.
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  14. Runoff is normal this year, but as Patrick and the other guys have mentioned, most won't be open Memorial Day weekend, so it's a moot point. I'm not plugging my hometown, but Leavenworth has other stuff besides fishing, and it's pretty much in the middle of the state: an hour and change from the Ford, same for the Canyon, and all the campgrounds on the Icicle are open now (which kind of surprised me!). The Wenatchee's running a little high, but well within "normal" range for the amount of snow and temperatures we've had. Everything's running clear around here, too; no muddy runoff. If the Methow's going to be open then, there's a fly shop in the Gardner Mountain Inn and they'll have the latest poop. I believe the young man who owns the hotel guides as well as having information on shuttles as well.
  15. Be sure to bring your own rock, every nook and cranny will have someone camping in it, and every creek that runs through a camp ground will be poached by the non informed.
    I stay home on those three day holidays. and I do mean .
    Ticks and rattlesnakes at the Ford.
    Have a good weekend!!!!
  16. Yeah I figured I would have stuff a little high thats the time of year. And even if stuff isn't wade able you can normally find spots that are still fish able. Someone turned me on to a spot so I am going to check that out but please keep all the spots coming. And I am sure everyone will be out camping that is also normal for this time of year. Specially with the weather looking like it might shape up , but again this is washington and can change in a blink of a eye.

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