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  1. does anyone have any info they wanna share on chambers creek? ive been told that it has a good run of sea-run cuthroat. im interested in trying the salt water fishing past the railroad tracks if i am able to even get to it. i did a little scouting the other day but i spent most my time looking at the family of bald eagles living there. any info would be appreciated.
  2. Hey there,
    If it's the estuary you're speaking of, it doesn't open 'till July or so. There is some awesome SRC action to be had if you can get past the "Train Troll" gaurding the bridge to the estuary though.
    It used to be when I first started fishing there that you could cross "at your own risk". But due to some accidents involving (inebriated???) teenagers(pre- September 11th), they've posted a gaurd in that lil' house near the tracks. And trust me, judging by his ill temper, he's an anatomically unendowed,intellectully challenged, bitter, lil' garden gnome, who'll confront you with the same zealotry for approaching his bridge, just as if you were to pee on his rug.Needless to say he's someone to avoid at all costs.
    Fishing the outside of that bend will usually(though not always) get you nowhere in a hurry.
    I've never tried it, but you might want to try float tubing across.(Seals concern me somewhat though).
    Once you do get across... tread lighty. I'm not sure who that land belongs to, and though I've never had any problems,you never know.
    You will encounter sign telling you that you're on Pierce Co. property, but that's a ways up the bank. I never go beyond the sign. You will also likely encounter gill nets. This is a touchy subject with a lot of people, but letting them be is a part of that "treading lightly" advice I gave you. The Steilacooms are a small tribe who fish mostly for food(as much as I've seen anyway) and are kept in check by the Puyallup Tribal Police. (The Steilacooms have no reservation... they share with the Puyallups)
    Fishing just outside the estuary can be somewhat productive too, though you'll have plenty of competetion for space once the salmon begin to run.( I've never had any luck too far from the mouth)And crossing to the other side will get you a shredded flyline in short time. (it is shallow and covered in barnacles). Though if you're just fishing the mouth of the creek it might be a good place to position yourself. To access the Saltwater, you'll either want to park at pay-to-park beach(if you're really wealthy) and walk to the mouth, or park at the Thomas Chambers memorial marker on the estuary and walk down and cross the tracks there. Either way you're in for a hell'uva hike.
    The estuary is a nature lovers paradise. An array of waterfowl, birds of prey(as you saw), sea mammals and fish exist here. Thanks to the sewage treatment plant next door the shellfish population is enormous.... highly toxic, but enormous. I've seen Geoducks, Sanddollars, and more Oysters and Clams than you can shake a stick at.I've also encountered Razor Clam shells on more than one occasion. I usually take my kids to see the salmon try and jump ladder when they're in.
    Anyway, thats a summary of what I know of the Estuary and the Saltchuck outside of it.
    Hope this helps,
  3. thanks ill try and remember all of that when it opens. i got a couple of questions for you. first are you an iron worker or does the name come from steelhead fishing? and second why do the seals concern you?
  4. Hey there,
    As a matter of fact I'm both. I work in a steel foundry (cutting torch/air arc with molding exp.) and am a rabid Steelheader.
    My experience with seals in this particular area seem to me to be a bit aggressive for my liking. They'll hang out near the narrowing and can get themselves into a feeding frenzy when the salmon are in. I've had them approach way too close as well as having them follow my flies. They are a foul hooking hazard.
  5. thats cool. im a welder in the carpenters union out of local 470. or atleast im trying to be. i still need some practice before i get certified. might see you fishing someday on chambers
  6. hey steel worker what kind of encounters have you had with seals and the such. had a rather hairy encounter a couple weekends ago, just wondering? but they are agressive critters at times. sea lions, haven't really had any bad encounters with seals, snagged one one time and tried to reel it in but got to loud, sea lion he would fight back. Ben

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