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  1. Perhaps it isn't a classic but many of you guys have Hardy knowledge. Looking for some help here. Anyone know if/how to change the retrieve on a Hardy Ultralite #5 disc reel from the 90's? I couldn't find anything on the inter-webs except a pdf of a schematic from a reel repair site that left me wanting! I don't want to break parts of mar it trying to figure this out.

    I appreciate your positive input. Thanks.
  2. Which drag systems doe sit have? Mine Ultralite Large Arbor has the large metal ring and reversing the pawl does the trick.
  3. If it has the two pawl system then engage one pawl and disengage the other one.
  4. Thanks, rockthief. It is a disc system that has a large diameter polymer ring holding a click check but doesn't seem functional for changing the drag/retrieve direction. I understand clickers but not this. Here are pictures.

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  5. Thanks, rockthief. It's a disc system and there is a large diameter, polymer ring that holds a click check that can be made silent and it doesn't seem to do anything to the retrieval/drag mode. I'll attach pictures. I understand clickers but not this. IMG_1083.JPG IMG_1086.JPG IMG_1086.JPG
  6. Beatiful reels. I love mine and the drag systems is the same as yours. Okay, gently squeeze the ring (it is polymer with metal inside) into an oval until you see space between the top of the pawl and the ring. Remove the pawl and install it opposite of the way it is now . That will do it. INstead of squeezing the ring you can also just push it away from the pawl. THen you will change the position of the pawl opposite from what it is now.
  7. hmmmm...
  8. that did nothing to change it to rhw. So I recommend you email Chris Vinceslio who is the Hardy service manager for the USofA.
  9. I don`t own one of these reels , but I`m pretty sure you have to flip the one way bearing to change retrieve direction

    1 Remove the lineguard and fix for left hand wind

    a) remove spool
    b) Remove 3 fixing screws from clutch housing plate
    c) Remove plate
    d) turn over plate. The clutch will be visible. Remove clutch using forceps or fine nosed pliers. No force is required.
    e) Turn over clutch and refit. Take care to ensure that the location key on the clutch is located in the keyway recessed into the plate.
    f) Refit plate and screws.
  10. Thanks guys. B.T., that's were I was but I hesitated at prying at the clutch plate. I'll try again and report back. Going to chase cuttie's in North Idaho today though on my tried and true. It's funny, my uncle taught me years ago on RHW and I can not switch to the other hand on a fly reel to save a life! I am so used to monkey motion, back and forth fighting fish, ha!
  11. I actually did the change on somebody else`s reel years ago .
    It`s only scary the first time you do it , and even less so if it`s not your reel:p
  12. I looked at another Hardy disc model of mine last night and ^ that is what the directions were for conversion. Just be careful. Good luck catching some nice ones. :)
  13. Success!

    As noted the bearing in the clutch assembly can be flipped. I would note for anyone else who wants to do this do so on a surface that will capture small parts and not over a floor that will engulf or send small parts bouncing ( I did avoid this part). Also:

    a. it took a more forceful effort than expected...prying with a flat-blade screw driver a bit at a time around the bottom of the bearing to free it.

    b. be aware to capture the bearing so you don't disorient the original direction otherwise you may have to test the bearing by slipping it onto the spindle and testing the drag direction with the gear plate w/screw heads facing the reel frame, not the spool (as I did after everything flopped out!)

    c. be aware that the bearings and micro-small, flat, retention springs may fall out (or stick to the spindle via the grease).

    d. the click check DOES make a small difference in drag via the direction it is facing as there is a bevel on the "open" side.

    Finally, yes, do change the line guard to the appropriate side.

    Thanks a lot!

    PS. We did find some nice ones... IMG_1089.JPG IMG_1092.JPG
  14. ^ primer. :)

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