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  1. I have a fishing journal that goes back several years. It's actually a few notebooks worth now. A few years ago I stopped recording every trip just because a lot of things were sort of repetitive. Entries since then have only been for new locations, places I don't fish often, unique days, or banner days.
    One of the most useful pieces of info I have in my journal is river flows and notes on how a river looks and fishes at a given CFS. Valuable stuff at a time like this when I'm waiting for the rivers to drop into fishable shape.
    I had a very successful trip for silvers one day last October on a river that was barely getting into shape. Nobody else was there and the coho were going nuts. I checked the USGS flows this morning and then looked in my journal to see what flow I'm looking for. I DIDN'T ENTER THAT DAY IN MY JOURNAL! I was there at the exact time when the river became fishable and I don't know what the flows were. Now I'm digging through previous days and old journals trying to get an idea of when it's time to go but I really want to know that one day's flow.
    Keep a journal and use it!
  2. Did you take any pics that day that you can get the date off of? Or did you stop at a gas station or make any purchases that you can look at a statement to get the date off of? I totally agree with the journal idea, and have recently started keeping one, though mine is in an excel spreadsheet.

  3. Good call. I was able to dig around and I'm pretty sure I found the date, then looked up the old USGS info. Thanks.
  4. Journals are fun. I have kept one off and on over the past 15 years. It is great to remember good times on the water. Unfortunately, I lost most of my journals in excel when my then 10 year old son fried one of my laptops by trying to hook a data cable into it. Now my journal is backed up on skydrive. Very good at remembering the conditoins of rivers at different levels. I have been gear fishing the puyallup and carbon rivers this season. I am sure the info will help me next year when trying to decide what sections are wade able at various water levels.
  5. Have you logged how many times you have had cup noodles for breakfast?
  6. I went to the river in question today. It was lower than the day I was thinking of last year, but with changes in the basin, the water still had enough color for good coho fishing. In two hours of fishing I landed 7 silvers, keeping the brightest ones for a limit. There were a few other guys on the river, but they were all down around the corner fishing other pools.
  7. Sounds like "lights out" coho fishing. Don't tell Smalma.

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