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  1. My wife just read me an article from Kitsap Sun online about three poachers busted last night. I don't have the link but it's on their site and will be in tomorrow's paper. So glad they caught these idiots. Reading the comments just makes me sick though. So many people don't give a shit. They had 40 something fish netted out of the creek and it sounds like they were just taking the roe.

    So disgusting, but great to hear they busted those clowns
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  2. That is too much. What a bunch of losers out there! I wonder if it could have been tribal members, but I doubt it. They've been in the bay as you know.
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  4. I was wondering why there were so many carcasses up on the grass banks this morning.


  5. Leland, I meant to ask. Have you caught chum on the "Popper"? I was thinking of giving it a try.
  6. I have experimented with both chum and pink salmon poppers in the past. Put it this way. If you're fishing over schools of fish looking for the few "biters" you really have to wait for the one or two surface takers. If only we are able to find these schools of chum out in the open Sound before they "bar up" and are still on the feed.

  7. I saw fished the Skok on Saturday and saw several guys bring in 8-10 chum each on stringers, take the roe, and throw the carcasses up on the bank of a near by feeder stream. They didn't appear to be tribal members.
  8. The skokomish is just a mess...
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  9. Hmmmm.....that's different. I clicked on the link I provided and now I can't see the complete article without subscribing to the Sun (even though I'm a Tacoma News Tribune subscriber with whom the Sun is affiliated). Yesterday I simply went to their main site and clicked on the article and was able to read everything. I've done that in the past with the Sun but I guess now they need the money?

    I took the wife, daughter, son-in-law and the two grandsons down to the creek on Sunday morning. I'm trying to get the SIL and oldest grandson interested in fishing (bought them both spin outfits recently) and thought everyone would enjoy seeing all the chum in the creek.

    We too saw the piles of dead fish along the trail and sort of wondered who'd done that. I guess now we know the answer! I spent a lot of time explaining to the SIL the issues and history of Puget Sound salmon runs and the threats they face.

    BTW, nice running into you on Monday Leland! Hope the local chummies were good to ya!
  10. CHICO β€” Three Bremerton men were arrested late Saturday on suspicion of netting salmon in a closed portion of Chico Creek.

    A Department of Fish and Wildlife officer was sent at 11:30 p.m. to Kittyhawk Drive to check out possible salmon poaching.

    He used a night-vision scope to sneak down a path to the creek, where he saw Edward Durham II, 54, and David Wilson, 31, wearing headlamps and dip-netting salmon in a closed part of the creek.

    Another man, Travis Sparr, 41, was sitting on the path near the creek bank and tossed a chum salmon in the bushes when he heard the officer, according to police and court records. The officer recognized Sparr, a double leg amputee, from previous contacts. Next to him was a large tote one-third full of chum roe. Behind him was a metal breaker bar that appeared to have been used as a club. To the left were 20 dead chum.

    The officer also recognized Wilson, who was arrested Oct. 31 for illegally fishing with a gill net in a closed area of Curley Creek.

    None of the men had a commercial fishing license. Durham had a tribal ID card from Minnesota.

    Sparr said he was going to condition the roe to be used for fishing bait. The officer pointed out it’s selling for $6 to $10 per pound wholesale for use as caviar. The men had 42 skeins of eggs β€” two per female fish β€” weighing 23 1/2 pounds, so they had likely caught 21 females and had another 20 males in their possession. The recreational limit is two per day.

    The men were charged Monday in Kitsap County District Court with commercial fishing without a license and unlawfully taking fish with a net. The maximum penalty is 364 days in jail and a $5,000 fine.

    Durham and Wilson are in Kitsap County Jail in lieu of $10,000 bail. Sparr was bailed out.
  11. Nice to put a face to a name. We moved on to some cutthroat down in my neck of the woods.

  12. These losers are the scum of the earth. This really, really ticks me off.
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  13. Great job by the WDFW officer in putting a stop to this. Unfortunately, even if all three are thrown in jail for the maximum year, that's about $90,000 that we're all going to have to pay to keep them locked up. I really wish there were some better solutions to this.

    I've seen so much bad behavior surrounding salmon fishing in general in the Puget Sound area that it's put me off salmon fishing entirely. Poaching is just the apex of it.

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  16. I'm actually a bit surprised that there isn't more of this happening at Chico, after witnessing the total disregard for regulations the first time I was there. Snagging was the norm and openly accepted. It was weird.
  17. Snagging was the norm at a spot on the Satsop where a new fishing acquaintance took me. He'd told me the Coho fishing was usually good there. Access was thru private property, and everyone there but me was either flossing or snagging, and seemed to know each other. I had to walk downstream and fish by myself, because I couldn't stand it. Got skunked that day, but I did have one good grab, that I misssed. I can't believe that he didn't warn me ahead of time. I wouldn't have gone. I'm not fishing with that guy again!
  18. So I'm a know-nothing, I guess.

    Who's this guy and what's the reference?
  19. whatttttttttttt

    Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm (he also is the man behind Seinfeld).

    Highly recommend both shows, especially curb

    he is a comic genius

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