Chironomid Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Thomas Williams, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. I'm looking to start a chironomid swap. I'm thinking 12 people with a deadline of February 14th. Please post to this thread if you want in. I will take your name down. Please post the pattern you would like to do. Deadline for name submission will be Jan 31st. I can be swapmeister. Please read the thread "How a fly swap works" so there is no confusion. Once we reach the amount of names we want then I will give my address so we can make it happen.

    So who's in?
  2. I will join up. Is it 12 flies total?
  3. Yep. 12 flies.

    So the list begins...

    1. Thomas Williams
    2. Zen Leecher
    3. Ron McNeal
    4. Irafly
    5. Rob Ast
    6. TroutPocket
    7. Brian Thomas
    8. Steeli
    9. Kirk Singleton
    10. Gary Knowels
    11. Rick Todd
    12. Bugboy9
  4. I'll do it.
  5. Sweet! Keep it rollin.
  6. I'm in with a buzzer style fly with biot wing pads.
  7. If you`ll take a Canuck , I`m in .
    Gunmetal and red .
  8. I'll join.
  9. I'm already in position 2 and my fly will be a black snow cone.
  10. Count me in too...for now got to think about what pattern will select.
  11. I am in, not sure of the pattern yet...
  12. I'd like to join with Brian Chan's Maroon Chironomid
  13. I'm in. Maybe a Frostbite blood worm. Rick
  14. Sweet action, list has been updated now just 1 more and its set. We should be able to close this bad boy out early and hit the vises. Im gonna play around tonight and decide on my pattern. I was thinking a "glowronomid".
  15. Hi Everyone,

    I'll top it off with the Pornomid. Matt
  16. Ok we are all set. The swap is now closed.
  17. I am not O.C. but my chronies are finished. It's been kinda cold, wet and windy over here so indoor fishing is the best. Need to toe tag and they are ready.
  18. Before I start, I just want to make sure that I understand this one. So 12 tiers one pattern but we should only have to tie 11 (I don't need you to send me my own fly back to me)? Is this correct?
  19. Yes correct. Id like to have everyone finished by the end of the month but dont wait that long if you are finished. Send them my way with postage enclosed and i will notify everyone when they come in and get them out immediately after I receive the whole lot. Again make sure you read the instructional thread if this is your first swap. Here is my address.

    Thomas Williams
    13503 97th Ave E.
    Unit #301
    Puyallup, Wa 98373
  20. Ok I have 5 done.

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