Chironomid Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Thomas Williams, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. The Glowronomid....

  2. Not quite sure but what with all the yellow you may have a liver condition.:eek:
  3. Half done. It might not show in the picture but the body is blood red. Thorax is white ostrich herl twisted into a rope with peacock. uploadfromtaptalk1357878955274.jpg

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  4. Its my lamp. I doubt anything is wrong with my liver haha. I don't even drink.

    Looks good Gary. It will definitley catch fish!

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  5. Finished mine up this morning. It is a new pattern to me, but a really fun tie and I like the way that it turned out. I'll ship them off Monday.
  6. Did you take a picture of those sitting on toilet paper?
  7. I absolutely did....I use TP instead of kleenex so I always have a roll on my desk. It was the only white background I had handy. I'm impressed by you recognition of it based on the embossing. I'll send you a 5 pack of those flies if you guess the brand correctly.

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  8. Charmin' or.... Costco's cheapest brand.;)
  9. Yeah, I'm going with Kirkland!
  10. Kirkland Signature it is! PM me your address and I'll drop some in the mail this week.
  11. Got all mine finished in a homebrewed beer-fueled tying session at Ira's house on Saturday night :) . I'll get them toe-tagged and out tomorrow.
  12. Mine are finished as well.

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  13. Dropped mine in the mailbox this morning.
  14. I will keep an eye out and post when I receive each persons.

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  15. I'll be tying mine this weekend. Decided to go with a different pattern - epoxy bodied for a translucent shine.
  16. I should be shipping mine somewhere between Friday-Monday depending on free time.
  17. I received troutpockets flies today. I'm gonna assemble the envelopes.

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  18. I mailed my flies earlier today along with my "vintage" snoose can.
  19. I'm done tying my pornomids. Will be sending them out Monday. Well actually Tuesday with the holiday coming up. Matt
  20. Finished tying theme today, just need to epoxy them and tag them before mailing.

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