Chironomid Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Thomas Williams, Jan 8, 2013.

  2. Moses Lake must be in Canada also. Our mail goes to either Wenatchee or Spokane for sorting.

  3. Unlike the east coast, great weather for the mailman lately.
    Bugs ready to fly out to us?
  4. I was thinking a bit the same but mostly because I was about to sit down and tie some more mids but I don't want to yet until I really know where I need to fill in. Don't get me wrong I'll still tie some up but you know always good to know what you have.
  5. Ok just got home and still no flies from the Canadian. Im thinking if they don't arrive tomoro all flies will go out monday regardless. I'm not trying to be a dick but its over a week past due. I'll wait until Monday afternoon. My mailman shows up at 9am. Flies or not they go out monday. Sorry Brian.

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  6. All flies have been received. That Canucks came so we are all good. All sets will go out tomoro. Thank you everyone for being patient and participating. I will post a photo of the finished collection shortly. Great flies all around from everyone!
  7. Looking forward to them!
  8. I agree! Great flies all around. I wish I could fish them all at the same time!

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  9. Mine came today as well. The nice thing about the chironomid swaps is that you always get fish able flies.
  10. Opened mine as well today. I do have some favorites of the bunch.
  11. Got mine today also. Hitting Pass Lake here soon so I'll use a bunch of them. Thanks everyone. Well done Thomas.
  12. Mine just arrived. I'll check them out when I get back from mailing the soft hackle swap flies. Thanks Thomas for hosting the swap.
  13. Thanks everyone glad the flies are arriving to everyone.
  14. Nice work guys. Just got all flies transferred to my 'mid box.
  15. Yeah, I'd like to see the pics as well so later on when I catch or don't catch fish with a pattern, I know who to compliment or berate.
  16. Ok ill take them and post em up. My camera isn't the best right now my wife spilled wine on it. I'll see what I can do.

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  17. Just got back from 2 weeks in the sun and opened them up-awesome looking flies everyone! Rick
  18. All flies are superb. Any of you can fish with me anytime....but please bring the flies.
  19. No , you`re not the only one .,,
    Even though the flies came with toe tags , my ex-gf opened the package and removed the tags before I could see who tied what .
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