Chironomid Swap

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  1. Ok ok the people have spoken. Dont thank me thank Bill. My wife spilled wine on my camera before I could take the pictures. Bill hooked it up now there arent names with the photos so if you have questions best to claim your fly or inquire about the number. Ill number them 1-12.
    1- DSC_0722.JPG Thomas Williams
    2- DSC_0724.JPG
    3- DSC_0725.JPG
    4- DSC_0726.JPG
    5- DSC_0727.JPG IraFly
    6- DSC_0728.JPG
    7- DSC_0729.JPG
    8- DSC_0730.JPG
    9- DSC_0731.JPG
    10- DSC_0733.JPG
    11- DSC_0734.JPG
    12- DSC_0723.JPG
  2. I still have the toe tags on mine.
  3. Zen if you could kindly play the match game and pm me the names with the number Ill update the photos and put this issue to rest.
  4. I'll post them in the gallery once Chris adds a spot for 2013 Chironomid swap.
  5. Mine is number 2
  6. I'll add the flies and info later this afternoon after I get back from fishing. Shouldn't be too hard as all the flies are still toe tagged.
  7. Flies are posted in the gallery under 2013 Swaps - 2013 Chironomid Swap
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  8. Wow, whoever tied #8 knows exactly what the trout want. Very nice chronie!!!
  9. Hey - thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it. Ron McNeal

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