Chopaka trip, who's in

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Whitey, Sep 30, 2002.

  1. The planned dates are coming up quick (Oct. 8-13). Just wondering who is going to make an appearance, even if it's only for the weekend. Should be a great trip to a wonderful lake. I can't wait to meet a few of you other members(and Chris) YT
  2. im new to the forum. whats the deal or where can i find info on it.
  3. Just a group outing to Chopaka next week. Anybody who's interested in making the trek to Okanagon country is invited. Camping and fishing at it's finest. Post if your interested in going. :THUMBSUP YT
  4. Are we going to need to bring our jeeps?
  5. My question exactly!

    MacRowdy :LOVEIT
  6. We could not make the date you are going but we are going tomorrow through Sunday, we will leave a report when we get back. I'll be in a older green dodge van with a trailer full of fire wood I hope you can have fires there now!

  7. Firewood,
    You got that Whitey? Hey Whitey, you got your ears on? Do you have a class 3 hitch on your 4 runner? I have a dope little trailer that we could hook up for some firewood etc... if you want.

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