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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Griswald, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. I am sure you don't pick the content, but wow...
  2. A lot of those ads are generated by your searches. I get kayak ads recently.
  3. Yeah, so the whips and chains may be of your own making. :D
  4. I've never done any searches on urinary catheters but the ads pop up.
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  5. Not everyone has the same stance on those issues anyway. I see some ads that I don't like, I just ignore them.
  6. I live north of the 49th and i never get an add like that one.:D Maybe they just like you guys.:eek: I will not mention the word just in case I am being watched.:D
  7. I don't need a push-up bra! Right?!
  8. lol, minimize environmental impact. how about none at all.

  9. LOL, me either!
  10. How about Viagra? Or adult diapers?!

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  11. depends
  12. Are you the only person that uses your computer? Purge your history and cookies every once in awhile.
  13. It is quite odd. I keep seeing ads for Ocean Sport Boats.... ;)

    ocean sport.jpg
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  14. On what?!

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  15. I installed an "ad blocker," and now I don't see hardly any ads at all. I did get a message in red lettering come across the top of my screen from a website in London telling me that my ad blocking software was hurting their advertising revenue, though.
    Well, that's just too bad! :p
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  16. Maybe Gris only gets Vashon specific ads like

    "Vashon High Band Camp Car Wash Corner of Cemetery Road and Highway March 8"

    All in Comic Sans font with 8-bit clip art :) and emoticons

    (EDIT: Ahh Gris- I see what you mean, have an ad-blocker on my computer at home so I assumed the ad was a little more racy than a petrochemical pipeline, which is now apparent to me at work)
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  17. Ok, I may have an addiction to Russian chicks, fuck you internet.
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  18. I am probably going to step on a few toes here but....

    I love a clean environment just as much as any other guy on this board, but I also love the fact that I can get up in the morning at 4:00am from the alarm on my IPhone, the fact that my house will be warm at 4:00am because I have access to relatively inexpensive electricity, the fact that I can throw my gear in my truck and afford to drive 3 or 4 hours to get to a river where I can stand in the wrong place and wave a graphite rod and a polyurethane fly line in an attempt to catch a fish that probably isn't there.

    It's late and I probably should just delete this post but truthfully I can't get my head around the "not in my backyard" mentality. Those items I mentioned, that we all use to pursue our favorite hobby, ALL use some of the most highly refined petrochemicals on earth. Resins for plastics used in our phones, computers, fishing rods, fly lines, outdoor clothing, etc, etc, etc.... come from one place- oil.

    I will stand with anybody to demand tight controls on these kinds of projects but to just say "somewhere else but not here" is selfish, irresponsible and places the burden on populations which have nowhere near the influence to police these kinds of projects that we do.

    Irrespective of anyone's political view on the environmental movement in this country, is it in any way reasonable to say "I want all the economic and recreational benefits of cheap oil, just give it to me from someone else's hole in the ground" ?

    Sincerely, no offense meant towards the original poster.
  19. Well said Mark, I agree with you mostly. Pipelines are THE safest way to transport oil and gas (look @ the trains blowing up), and the cheapest. The Keystone will provide lots of jobs for welders operators and laborers, in an industry that is still hurting from the "08" crash but. It's Canadian oil going to gulf coast refiners to be sold on the world market( refined fuels are now our #1 export). We won't see much value aside from the construction and refining jobs and we get any external costs that may arise. I don't think it's a good deal for the US.
  20. The way Google ad software works - when one visits web sites, the site will place one or more 'cookies' on your browser ( a small text file) containing information about your visit and what you looked at. If the site is a distributor of Google ads (our beloved WFF must be) Google is fed the same information. Google then pipes ads to other Google affiliated sites into standard display ad space when you visit subsequent sites. Their idea is you looked at it somewhere so you must be interested. Google makes a lot of money selling these 'ad words' and services and the site makes mostly pennies displaying the ad and attracting your 'clicks'.

    You can turn off cookies on your browser, but then a number of actions you may like will go away. Notable for most of us is the shopping cart services where the site remembers what was or is in your shopping cart. Most sites (from big outfits) withhold resources if you have cookies disabled to induce you to turn them on.

    For those wondering where something like a petroleum pipe line ad comes from, Google may not have a recent hit or two to place an ad you have driven with site visits, but they can randomly throw things they are getting paid for in blank ad space or (wait for it...) they collect a history of your search patterns and save it and this can trigger ads served up while you are searching the net.

    My fingers were a little stiff. I thought this typing might help this morning (got to get in shape to tie flies on) and the way the ad business works is cloaked in mystery to cover their constant peeking over our shoulders as we use the net. For what its worth....
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