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  1. The NSA (aka Google) sells your surfing info to the advertisers. :)

    Doesn't work on me. I grew up watching TV and ignoring the commercials.

    Advertisements bounce off me as do bullets hitting Superman. Hey wait... there's something in the sidebar about losing weight by just taking a pill, I need to check out that product!!!
  2. If you look up things, you will get adds on what you were searching for.
  3. Been watching a bit of golf lately and still not taking Cialis.
  4. I keep seeing ads for Las Vegas and Florida vacations. I guess I need to stop bitching about the cold weather and snow here in Montana?

  5. That's pretty good spying when they are looking for complaints and just happen to have the solutions!

    Careful what you complain about !!! Who knows what sort of ads you may end up seeing :)
  6. Oil/Gas transport safety is about maintenance and upkeep as much as anything. Old designs of oil tanker cars blowing up because the company didn't want to spend money to upgrade is the same as pipeline weaknesses causing leaks and explosions because the company didn't want to spend the money to shut down and inspect/fix. There are dangers with any transport system for oil/gas. Just ask Whatcom Creek.


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  7. That was gasoline Josh, and if you want to drive for the foreseeable future your going to have to move petroleum. I'll stand by my statement that pipelines are the safest and cheapest way to move petroleum.
  8. Well Chris, you may be right. We know that moving the stuff via a ship isn't all that safe for the environment :)
  9. How many miles of pipeline do we already have in the US? Anyone know? Very rarely do they rupture/get damaged/whatever to cause much of a problem.

    Believe me, if they did - we'd certainly hear about it... for weeks.

    Go look at how many miles of pipeline we have...
  10. We didn't hear a lot about rail oil safety until recently either. A couple big disasters later, here we are.

    I stand by my statement that safety for any method of transport has a lot to do with willingness to invest in that safety. I would put on top of that, our willingness as a society to hold those accountable for that safety to their duty. I'm not necessarily for or against any particular transport method. I think there is a lot of cost/benefit/risk analysis that needs to go into every project. Some are going to work out, some should never ever get off the ground. I'm not some hippie who thinks we can shut down every oil tanker, rail line, and pipe. I drive a car. I heat my house with natural gas. That doesn't happen without infrastructure.

    But I'm for damn sure in favor of regulations and enforcement that don't just allow companies to chase profit at the expense of safety. Be that human lives or environmental habitat. As a society, we don't have a great record of that sort of thing. We tend to wait until after a disaster to try and put the genie back in the bottle. Something that never works.

  11. Compared to anywhere else on this planet.... I'll take it.
  12. Thank you
  13. Josh, I agree with you whole heartedly, I don't recall saying anything about regulations.

    There are about 95,000 miles of natural gas pipelines in the US and about the same amount of crude oil pipelines. The main ng line that runs south from the Canadian border through Whatcom county and beyond was built in the 50's. Maintenance of these lines provides a lot of work for laborers, welders and operators every year, as would other infrastructure maintenance. The difference is the pipelines are private money.
  14. I am really laughing about the guy with readvertising for weird stuff and wonder whats wrong with the ad buying at the fly page he's on haha

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