Chris' Gift and Party Pics

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by MacRowdy, Dec 1, 2002.

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Go to the top of the forum and click on Chris' lastest post entitled: "Thank You"

    You will see pictures of the amazing fly-rod that you bought him for Christmas.

    Go check it out and tell him how cool he is!

  2. Chris' Present: Paypal is all Hooked up.


    Just give us all your paypal ID and we can donate online...thx
  3. Chris' Present: Paypal is all Hooked up.


    I have already recieved 3 donations today. I think all you need is my e-mail address: That's all the info I have provided to everybody else.

    Is there anyway to recieve credit card payments without upgrading to the premium account? Someone donated with a credit card and paypal is telling me that I have to upgrade my account in order to accept it.

    Thanks guys for the support!

  4. Chris' Present: Paypal is all Hooked up.

    Ok fellas,

    Got 4 paypal donations yesterday. Thanks! Anyone else? Please don't hesitate.

  5. Chris' Present: Paypal is all Hooked up.

    The only way to collect funds by credit card on Pay-Pal is the upgrade. I use the service almost exclusively for all my on-line transactions, Do yourself the favor and upgrade. Besides being able to accept the payments by C.C., there are a whole buttload of other benifits. when you go back to the site, justclick on the upgrade now icon, they give you all the benifits there. You can even earn intrest on your funds, wich is more than I can say for most banks now days. Anyway you'll be able to get more people to donate that way, I would have paid almost instantly ( once I decided if I could trust you two, just kidding!!) If you had the account set up that way from the start. To everyone else, Pitch in a few bucks if that is all you can afford. I can't think of anywhere else that I can spend this much time, filppin' people crap, getting the latest dope on the rivers and lakes, and meeting all the killer fishing finatics like ourselves, above all Chris does it all at his expense. Throw in some coin, step up to the plate, and all that stuff, We owe it to Chris, at least I KNOW THAT I DO! :COOK
  6. Chris' Present: Paypal is all Hooked up.

    OK my paypal is now accepting credit cards. Thanks Mtlhead for the support. Go ahead donate fellas.


    MacRowdy :THUMBSUP
  7. Chris' Present: Paypal is all Hooked up.

    to all beer gutted flyfishing junkies likemyself....

    give up 2 latte's this week and let's reward our fearless leader with a token of appreciation. Throw $10 or $20 into the kitty.

    Lets all thank Chris with an attaboy and a nice flyrod!

    Option B: We can have a "BOBLAWLESS with his friends Oleander and Smolt" standup routine on payperview...hmmm :THUMBSUP

    let's keep this thread at the top of the list guys!

  8. OK, I'm in...

    If I can figure this out, anyone can. Cough it up youse guys!!!


    Vincit Omina Veritas
  9. Making it over the top!!

    If you don't quite make it to 100%, pick up the present. Pass the hat at the christmas party tomorrow. I'm sure that you will pickup the remainder. I would throw in another $5 to make it over the top. :THUMBSUP

  10. Making it over the top!!

    I'll do it as well
  11. Making it over the top!!

    Yeah, I'm in too. Jim B.
  12. Making it over the top!!


    I picked up the gift tonight and it is so freakin cool! Threw down the difference $$. If you have already pitched in please don't sweat it. If you haven't yet and you really want to you can, but don't bust your piggy bank. It's a done deal.

    Really looking forward to meeting you all at the party.

  13. Making it over the top!!

    MacRowdy - way to go :THUMBSUP See you in a few. Bart
  14. Making it over the top!!

    From time to time, BOBLAWLESS gives out his GOLDEN ADIPOSE FIN AWARD
    for those who have done meritorious service above and beyond the call of fly fishing decorum. Such an award winner is entitled to an extra 10% off on any and all merchantise. Federal and state taxes will not apply to him forever and always (check with the IRS on this but I think I have the power to grant this).

    And so, I, Robert J. Lawless, do grant the GOLDEN ADIPOSE FIN AWARD to MACROWDY AND OTHERS who have worked with him, may all glasses be tilted in their direction at some point during the Christmas party. A tough job, but it was pulled off. The Christmas spirit doth ring!
    Thanks, Mac and all those who have made this dream come true.
  15. Making it over the top!!


    I am deeply humbled and I will take you up on the 10% discount. Not to mention the no tax for life deal. I almost died laughing when I read the post about your latest and greatest merchandise.

    So Bob, how about you clone Oleander and Smolt and sell them in your spring Catalog? We can even sell a package deal for "Swear School" with Old Man Jim. I can see in in print now: Just buy your very own vest parrot and send him to "Swear School" with Old Man Jim for only $19.95 (based upon double occupancy).

  16. Mac although I'm new I feel obligated to donate to the cause please let me know that the pay pal worked.


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