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  1. I was @ chico last night, right at dusk I hook a fat boy who porpoises straight out (toward the nets) way into my backing when my reel suddenly locks up with an apparent knot in my backing...snap! so if you catch this buck it has a chartreuse shock and awe with 90 ft. of fresh outbound (greenish) and 30 yds. of backing....large reward will be paid.
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    Dipnet aka Tim Hartman

    I don't know anything about their schedule but they were out again today (Friday).
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    That's a bummer! What size leader/tippet were you using?
  4. I think 12 lbs. of course the tippet size wasn't the issue but the surprise birds nest in my backing.
  5. mtskibum16

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    Right, but ideally you want your tippet light enough to break before your backing, etc would. In this case, the backing must have been weak or something.
  6. your right.....this all happened in a split second....and the guy who gave me a fly tonight fishing a spey outfit and jeff delia who gave me a fly @ peninsula outfitters thanks so much, it's been fun.
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    I like the looks of that fly! Is it just me or does the picture not match the material list? I just woke up so I'm probably missing something.
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    I tie some variants that have more cerise and/or purple or all three colors, and some that are tailless.
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    This is what I was using. Call it old ugly.
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    Got out for the first time this season after chum this morning.

    Up at 5 am, on the ferry before six. As the ferry is pulling into the dock on the other side, I look in the back of my van and my stomach drops.

    No tackle bag.

    All of the chum turds and other flies I had been tying, my leader spools, my gloves, even my knife. All left at home. I was so pissed.

    Luckily, I had one pink over white clouser already on the rod, and one chartreuse chenille thing on the dash. So I fished for an hour until I snagged the bottom. Pulled the line straight to break off the fly--and my poly leader broke at the loop. So frustrating. No mono to make a new leader.

    Salmon fishing has basically sucked for me since September--what the F happened?
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    a bad day at the beach. sorry to hear that. sometimes shit happens. think positive, your luck will change. hope ya got yourself a beer before heading home.
  13. fish-on

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    I feel your pain.

    I finally managed to sneak out of work early enough after numerous failed attempts the weeks prior. I took a long 2 1/2 hour drive to a river that I know had fish in it. As soon as I parked and opened my trunk, I found out I didn't have my waders and boots. So i convinced myself to man up and wet wade in 48 degree water....It was 30 minutes of pure hell. As I was about to call it quits, out of nowhere, an old fishing buddy of mine walks up, takes pity on me and offers me his waders to use as he was already leaving anyway.. Two fly fishermen in the middle of nowhere switching clothing .... Thank God there was no one else around..
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