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  1. What are you guys throwing this year. I'm getting anxious for the action to get going. IMAG0166.jpg
  2. Nice ties Pat. Before I enlarged the photo I thought they were gummy minnows. What is the belly flash?
  3. Nice looking flies that will fish and would hold a place in most of our fly boxes.

    However to fill out that box I would consider adding a bit of variety to your collection. When the chum fry first hit the beaches they are typically a little over an inch long and by the time they are 2 inches long (the size of the flies pictured?) they will have moved off the beaches into much deeper water. Over the next 6 weeks or so you will see continuing waves of fry hitting the beaches, growing a bit and then moving off shore. Depending on the how long a given "wave" has been on the beach you may need a smaller "bug". When the chum fry first show up or when the cutthroat are not fished they are much less selective. However as the spring progresses (especially those that are fished some) matching the "hatch" including size can influence your success.

    When those fry are on the beaches they can often be found in some shallow water (sometimes less than a couple feet) and high in the water column. In those conditions unweighted patterns can be fished more effective. Have some unweighted flies in your arsenal can save the day.

    The dark backs of the chum fry are typically pretty narrow (most of the fish is white/silver). Many of the effective patterns have a relatively few strands/hairs in the dark/back portion of the pattern.

    If you are looking to expanded your fly arsenal definitely consider Bob Triggs "chum baby" an excellent pattern that has with stood the test of time and fished well where ever the cutthroat are taking salmon fry.

    I have also had excellent success with a simple "spider" pattern. I tie them with a silver mylar body, natural mallard flank feather for a hackle tied "spider' style, and over wing of 8 to 12 strands of bucktail. I vary the color of the bucktail; brown for chums, olive for pinks, and include a handful with chartreuse over wing and some with blue/chartreuse mix. I usually tie then so that are an inch to inch and half long.

    have fun

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  4. 1-IMG_0708.JPG Another favorite is the late Doug Rose's Keta Rose (although it always seemed to me to more closely resemble a pink than chum fry pattern, due to its lack of parr marks). There should be plenty of pink fry about soon also.
  5. So Curt do you think these will fish? image.jpg

  6. Recipe please! :D
  7. Have any visual aids? ;) :D
  8. Those [​IMG] always! I am loving the goo these days as well. Versatility baby!
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  9. In this early season, through April and well into May, up on the Northern Puget Sound and Admiralty Inlet and Olympic Peninsula sea run Coastal Cutthroat trout fly fishing waters, I will be using my Chum Baby fly in a range of sizes, from 1-1/2" to two inches. By May I will be tying some of them a bit longer. And I do tie them without the bead head, and also much smaller and sparser, and on smaller hooks, down to a size #10 barbless dry fly hook. This fly works best when it is tied very sparse. You just want the hint of translucence and a ghostly glow in the water. Shown here in size #6, on their way to the Orvis Bellevue fly shop today!

    52 Chum Babys 2-13 004.JPG
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  10. Picked up some of these the other day with bead heads. Work great, its coming into that season.
  11. Hi Bob,
    Is that fly AKA The Snot Dart?
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  12. Hi Dick, No it is not.
  13. Good looking flies! Here's this year's addition to my box. A package of flat diamond braid happened to be in reach while I began tying, so guess what I used instead of my typical silver mylar body? They end up being a bit fatter than previous year's editions (remind me of the guppies we had as kids), so it's a bit of a research project. I also like to tie the body with long pheasant tail fibers--I really like the darker look and the fish have been happy in the past.

    I saw Roger's comment in another thread that the cutts should be making their outward migration soon. I'm ready! Oh, also tied up a bunch 'o squimps and I already lost two on a MA11 beach this Sunday. And it had nothing to do with being connected to a fish, sadly. Kinda made me happy to lose them to the fish gods all the same! Chum babies.jpg
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  14. Rob- thats the same pearl blue lite brite that I use for the veil on the squids from the swap. I think larva lace makes a uv angel hair like it. I just tie it like a surf candy on a sz 10 SS15

    Curt- as always thanks for the info. I do have quite a few flies in my arsenal for the salmon fry outmigration. I usually start real small with something like a chum baby. I received one from Bob Triggs himself in a fly swap last year.
    In the past I have had good luck with small epoxy minnows like this dead drifted or sporadically stripped through the current.
    But later on in the season, by may, I seem to have trouble getting takes on such small patterns. And last year when this happened I tied progressively larger chum babies, until one evening after watching fish boiling all around with no takes.Finally I tied on a 5" olive flatwing and a few cast later the line came tight to my biggest cutt ever. just over the 20 in mark on my rod.
    I have also observed slightly larger smolt with parr marks getting hammered at a couple of my regular haunts around may. I was told that they might be coho smolts, so I tied some of these. They worked well, but I figure my new fly is a good crossover. I usually sparsen them up after a few casts if they need it. And besides I just like to tie flies so I gotta find new ways to use up all the materials I buy.
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  15. Flatwing from the other day. Fishing was slooooow.
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  16. What hook and size is that epoxy minnow Pat, I am messing around with some and they seem TOO small.
    Great looking always :)
  17. I thought I used a size 10 ss 15, but I checked it might be 8s in a 10 package from last time I recycled some old flies.
    but they should be pretty small as others have pointed out. Make sureto let the CCG settle in all the way to the shank then leave it upside down for a minute so that it forms a belly before you hit it with the light. Also try to pull down on the squirrel when you cure it so it doesn't get in the way of the hook gap. You can add a little extra goo on the bottom as a second coat, it will need a bit of mass to turn the fly over in the water.
  18. Here's one I just tied on a #10
  19. Oh you were probably talking about the really small one. I think thats an 8 or 10 xpoint. they seem to be a bit smaller than the gama ss. Ill show you how to tie those sometime.
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  20. Nice flies, Pat.

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