Chum fry flies

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Pat Lat, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. Love Bob Triggs' Chum Baby. Don't forget that pink fry will be emerging also!

    Leland. Pink Fry.JPG
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  2. Here's some Chum Baby flies for comparison.

    52 Chum Babys 2-13 004.JPG
  3. Hey fellow Chums. This is the pattern I've used for years. Size increased as the season moves image.jpg
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  4. Good looking fly. I can't tell though, are the eyes on an epoxy head (base), on a small dumbell or just stuck to materials? What style of eye, btw? Very sharp.
  5. Thanks, They are the small gold stick on type that you peel off with a small built up epoxy head over. :0)
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  6. Where can one get the chum baby flies online?
  7. Call Orvis in Bellevue, they'll ship to you and usually have them this time of year.

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  8. Thanks!!
  9. For the original Chum Baby fly pattern and tying recipe information you can go do a search in the fly Pattern pages of the Fly Tying forum here. And you may go to my almost weekly blog page as well.
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  10. I plan of giving some of these gurglers a try.

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  11. That's a pretty cool tie stuart
  12. Stuart, love that fly. Striping drys is my fav. Great way to find fish. If they don't commit to the dry at least they show themselves. I'm going to give your pattern a try. Do you tie it on a #8 ? :0)
  13. Thanks Pat!

    Beach Caster - I am much the same, almost always start out with something top water. It's way too much fun! Hard to beat a SRC or coho going jaws over a popper :) That gurgler is tied on a Mustad 34007 #6
  14. Nice flies Pat (as usual)!
  15. Thanks mtskibum.
    Definitely want pink fry flies if you fish the Seattle area beaches. Tiny silver fish everywhere along the shoreline. Still no luck with cutties, and then I stayed till way after dark trying for blackmouth onGID clousers. I knew it was slim odds but I think I just need to blind cast for while and clear my head. I need to find a good south sound beach that doesn't close at dusk.

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